MR Trap, MR Trap Intro - Extreme Edition

MR Trap, MR Trap Intro - Extreme Edition

Rope Dart - MR Trap Intro - Extreme Edition

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  Published on 13 May, 2016

This video is what got the MR Trap ball rolling. Originally it was something to do with The Rope Dartist group on der facespace and it just kind of snowballed from there.

This video includes a looot of things to do with this approach. Also includes some unrelated things, but I tried to cut most of that. Every now and then there are parts relating to the conversations that spawned the videos but... don't worry about that. Known some of these guys for a minute and some of things I say are directly related to specific conversations.

On that note, I'm sure this has a name in Chinese, but I haven't found one in English, and if you can refer to something by a name you'll have a good deal more control over it.

Also, this was all made before I started trying to use proper terminology.

"Frank's Dance" is an infinite elbow, but almost more dapper and extravagant than is human possible.

This is very loose and off the cuff and a little goofy at times. Enjoy!

The terminology used to describe MR Trap is standardized and copyrighted by The Rope Dart Academy.

Last modified on 26 May, 2016
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