Nick Woolsey, Poi retreat in Turkey! Fall 2016!

Retreats/Classes - Poi retreat in Turkey! Fall 2016!

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  Published on 20 May, 2016

Join Nick Woolsey and special guests at TADAH Artist Habitat in South Turkey, for a week of Poi, yoga, and fun times! Dates are either Sept 22-29 OR Oct 27 - Nov 03. We're waiting for a few final votes to come in, so use the "enquire about the Turkey Poi Retreat here" link to contact us!

Nick Woolsey is one of the world’s first and finest traveling Poi instructors. He holds retreats throughout the year in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Nick is also the creator of 2 instructional Poi dvds and 2 online courses on Poi. See bottom of this page to purchase his products.

Enquire about the Retreat here

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