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  Published on 18 Feb, 2011

I have 2 videos here to explain the regular Waist Wrap in its 2 halves: in front of the body, and behind the back. These can be done separately, like separate moves/tricks all on their own, but combined they make the complete Waist Wrap.

I used to call it the 360 Waist Wrap, but I'll make a distinction here since there's already a tutorial on that: those are TURNING, and my videos show the Waist Wrap NOT TURNING. To see the the turning version, see Derek's videos under the Poi category called "Wraps." :-)

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Post1st Aug 2011 7:49 AM 

This tutorial is great. Very simple and easy to follow. But, now I need to know the behind-the-back part!

I can't find the second video anywhere...can someone please assist?

Thanks smile

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Post23rd Mar 2013 11:16 AM 

Just like "fleshcap", I also would like to see Seastar's Behind The Back part of this waist wrap tutorial. The Front half is now learnt, not fully mastered and fluid, but that'll get there with continued practice. Please Seastar, make us another tutorial video for your behind the back part wink
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Comments/replies: 2


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