Plane Shifting, 3d Tutorial 1 Part One

Poi - 3d Tutorial 1 Part One

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  Dave Statik
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  Published on 26 Jun, 2011

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Post5th Jul 2011 7:57 AM 


Chris Phoenix
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Post13th Aug 2011 3:14 PM 

I'm just starting Poi, so I hope this question is interesting...

When I do a weave, moving the Poi from the outside of my arm to the inside, I'm shifting the circle from one angle to another. Isn't that a plane shift?

If I imagine a hoop floating in space, then I can put another hoop touching it at some point on its rim, so the two are touching rim-to-rim, and parallel where they touch. My hand would be at the center of the first hoop where the Poi is spinning.

If I move my hand instantly to the center of the second hoop, just at the moment when the Poi is at the point where the two hoops touch, then the Poi would have to start spinning around my hand in its new position - and it would smoothly move to the new hoop.

Isn't that a plane shift? And isn't it exactly what happens in a weave?

The hoops in a weave are almost parallel, with a very narrow angle between their planes. (If they're exactly parallel, then there must be *two* plane shifts, or more precisely, a continuum.) If I moved my hand farther sideways, I could get a shallower angle - a right angle, or even a figure-eight.

I've been playing with this, and it works. I can do 90 degree plane shifts. It's hard to move from wall to ceiling, but that's just habit - my hand keeps wanting to do weave, but it has to move in the opposite direction because the circle is turning the opposite direction with respect to my hand.

The cool thing is, there should be a sequence of three hand moves that takes the Poi from wall, to ceiling, to side, to wall... and it will be spinning the opposite direction! And you don't even have to do a full circle in each position - a 3/4 circle in one position, plus a 1/4 circle in the other, is the minimum. I'm working on this move, but I haven't put it together yet.

I haven't had time to see much of the site yet, but I haven't seen this theory or this move presented yet. Is it useful?


Dave Statik
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Post27th Sep 2011 5:39 AM 

woah i didnt even know there were comments here lol. Thanks Drop for your support ^_^.

Chris, that is what is known as plane "bending". Its an entirely different beast and there is plenty you can do with it. Drex has put up a few recent videos covering some "Arashi Style" plane bending stuff. Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

I think a good way to describe the difference is, take a huge rubber oring, the size of a hoop. fold it at 90 degrees. you'll get a nice bend there, and it could be related to plane bending. now take a regular hoop and fold it at 90 degrees. you will get not a curved bend, but a real fold, an angular bend. that can be described as plane breaking.

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