Orbitals & airwraps, Whirlwind - Vertical orbi...

Orbitals & airwraps, Whirlwind - Vertical orbital

Poi - Whirlwind - Vertical orbital

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Keywords: Hurricane, Typhoon, Vertical Orbital

  Papa Juliet
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  Published on 13 Sep, 2011

Whirlwind is an orbital/superduperuberloop, but done vertically. Thought it deserved a proper name (Hurricane and Typhoon were close contenders!)
Hope you enjoy it and hope it helps! Peace.

Enter from corkscrew

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Post15th Jan 2012 4:29 PM 

Love this move smile took me a bit to learn. Another variation I've found is almost like a switch hand stall. After you've got into the spin for a couple seconds, reverse hands (up to down, down to up). Takes some getting use to but looks nice and you can stall between the switches. Orbitals are so fun grin Later all!
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Comments/replies: 1


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