Flowers, Triquetras

Flowers, Triquetras

Poi - Triquetras

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  Published on 25 Jul, 2008

Same time, same direction arms; Poi Spinning in opposites (butterfly), switching between same time and split-time. Three-beat anti-spin flower with one hand, other hand extended in-spin.

See the second video by Nick for more details regarding hand positioning and timing.

Named for the Celtic tripartate symbol, this is quite a beautiful pattern!


Prerequisites: butterfly in each direction with either hand on top, three-beat anti spin flower in each direction.

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Post20th Nov 2008 3:33 PM 

Great stuff.
Fire + Idiot * wind - brains = Oops

binx zac
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Post28th Oct 2010 12:47 PM 

hey man im a big fan your videos have helped me alot, but do u think u could make another video about triquetras the lighting isnt very good its hard to see whats goin on
zac binx

Comments/replies: 2

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