Flowers, Antispin Chase Flower

Flowers, Antispin Chase Flower

Poi - Antispin Chase Flower

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  Published on 28 Aug, 2006

A flower where you rotate your arms in the same direction one way, and the Poi in the same direction the other way. Often the hardest part is the back arm, and keeping it in the plane. As you learn it, you needn't try to get the arm straight back initially, but with each attempt, try and keep the plane straight, and move your arm a little in.

Stepping back opens up your hips. Step back with the leg that is on the side of the arm that is back

Additional notes: The timing changes are done on purpose.

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Post25th Oct 2010 6:45 AM 

Nice, this is the first flower i started doing too.

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Post8th Feb 2012 11:35 PM 

i think this is the boring video to much unnecessary talking blah blah blah. jeeez like the sound of your voice much?

Comments/replies: 2

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