Buzzsaws & variations, 3-layer cake (corkscrew/buzzsaw combo)


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Comments/replies: 4
Member #121235
Reged: Nov 2010
4th Feb 2011 8:22 AM 

I love this! I learn everything (as my friend says) upside down and backwards. So I learned this sideways (vertically) long before ever thinking anything of it. Nice clear vid! (and nice "raver" comment I think I heard) lol

Member #143155
Reged: Dec 2011
2nd Dec 2011 6:31 PM 

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Member #160181
Reged: Oct 2012
27th Nov 2012 7:09 AM 

I figured out something similar to this where you go from the corkscrew to the horizontal buzzsaw (I call it the spacecraft), but this is an amazing way to do it that seems way more fluid than my way. I'm definately going to give this a try.

Member #204081
Reged: Nov 2014
28th Nov 2014 1:21 AM 

The above video is too great i really like this video. Thanks for sharing that kind of good video. Stay happy.

Comments/replies: 4

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