Advanced Weaves, 4 Beat Weave Waist Wrap

Advanced Weaves, 4 Beat Weave Waist Wrap

Poi - 4 Beat Weave Waist Wrap

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  Published on 14 Apr, 2009


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Post21st Apr 2009 10:05 AM 

Looks like you're doing a two beat when your right hand is coming around your left side but a three beat when your left is coming over your right.

(Just nitpicking, totally rockin tutorial)

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Reged: Jun 2009
Post8th Jun 2009 6:37 AM 

I just figured this out yesterday. =] Awesomeness.

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Post9th Jul 2009 2:46 PM 

the reason it looks like he is only doing three beats on one side is because the fourth beat is behind him. you really have to have the btb5-beat weaves to get both 4 beat sections of this wrap in-front of you.

this way looks much cleaner.i can post the other way in a video if you want.

great tutorial btw.

Comments/replies: 3

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