Advanced Butterflies, Butterfloop

Advanced Butterflies, Butterfloop


Poi - Butterfloop

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  Published on 27 Oct, 2009


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Member #65939
Reged: Jan 2008
Post5th Nov 2009 1:45 PM 

EPIC!!! havent tried it yet but thanks it looks sick!

Member #101780
Reged: Nov 2009
Post12th Dec 2009 12:55 PM 

one question what would happen if you were doing the butterfloop and pulled your hands apart? would it do a hyperloop
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Member #95724
Reged: Jul 2009
Post23rd Dec 2009 2:33 PM 

man this loos superb!

Member #116620
Reged: Aug 2010
Post26th Aug 2010 4:59 AM 

looks nice, thanks, i think u should do ur vids outside !

Member #173364
Reged: Jun 2013
Post27th Nov 2013 5:04 AM 

haha at 1:26 it looks like you have a samurai ponytail

Comments/replies: 5


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