Weaves, Three beat(one hand)

Meteor - Three beat(one hand)

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  Published on 6 Aug, 2009

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Post2nd Sep 2009 8:25 AM 

I don't think this is the basic three beat weave, look at Nick Woolsey's video about meteor, I think his three beat weave looks more common.

Anyway, your idea is good and I appreciate it too, because I've already tried this way to do a weave, but I wanted to do a 4-beat weave which I do with staff. So, thanks for posting the video and good luck with meteor, because I must say that it's not easy smile

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Post2nd Jul 2010 12:16 PM 

Yeah looking at Nick's video, this is much different. You want one side to lead over with the pinky side, you're still leading with your thumb side and also you're doing 4 beats if you count.
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Comments/replies: 2


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