Learn Basics - Getting to Know Your Flow Wand

Levisticks - Getting to Know Your Flow Wand

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  Published on 15 Jul, 2010

Here is my ever so melodramatic opening to my new levistick tutorials. Have fun and remember USE THE FORCE!!!

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Reged: Apr 2014
Post26th Apr 2014 12:36 PM 

Hi, i am just getting into Flow Wands, Levisticks etc.I found a tutorial online and made my own from a 5/8 In. diameter dowel road approximately 27 inches long. i placed my hole about .5 off balance.I thread through the hole, forming a loop roughly 2" longer than the wand. I am having issues with the wand wanting to pivot between the threads. in all the videos i have watched here and on you tube every one elses wands tend to want to rest up right. mine on the other hand wants to pivot to an incline or go horizontal when i attempt to spin it in a circle.I know this all takes practice. but i would rather work with something inexpensive before spending 25.00- 40.00 on and actually Levistick.or Flow Wand. any suggestions?

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Post24th Dec 2014 12:16 AM 

Jessica I just bought one that does that.

Comments/replies: 2

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