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HOP • Published on 30 Apr, 2013

Time and Money (The 13 Moon Calendar)

If money were to function as it is supposed to, the relationship between time and money would also unfold in a more harmonious way.

In the present world time is money. If money was serving its proper purpose, then time would still be money but money would be a medium of exchange that would be in harmony with nature, the cosmos. Time is money is how we see it but the real truth of the matter is, time is art.

Time is art, is what it all is. What each of us does in our own unique way is art.

Something I came across fairly recently is that there is a fundamental programming that our entire civilization is geared towards, it is fundamental in everything that we do.

That is the calendar that we use, the clock, the time of the 12/60 frequency of the Gregorian calendar which is an unnatural, artificial, arbitrary frequency, where as the natural frequency is 3/20. The 12/60, of course, being 12 months, 60 minutes.

A month supposedly pertains to the moon, but the moon does 13 cycles a year, not twelve, 13 28 day cycles. 13 Is also the number of major joints in the body – 2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders, and the most important one, the neck. 20 is the number of fingers and toes. So the 13/20 harmonizes the way we are designed with the way the universe is designed.

There is a worldwide peace movement called The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

In fact, in the League of Nations between the first and second world wars there was quite a strong movement to change the calendar back to a regular 28 day calendar, a moon cycle. See, a week is a quarter of the moon’s cycle, so the next natural division of time is a full moon cycle, 28 days. Every woman has a 28 day calendar in her body. 13 Times 28 days doesn’t fit exactly into 365 days of the solar cycle, and the way of reconciling that is that 365th day becomes a day out of time. It is like Sunday in the week, it is a day of celebration, and that harmonizes the cycles of the sun and the cycles of the moon in such a way that our basic programming can then become in harmony with the cosmos.

Where as, in the way we operate at the moment it is just mechanized irregularities, co-incidence and synchronism are strange anomalies, not the norm! It is not harmonious.

The calendar would become a synchronometer, so things would synchronize and harmonize. If you stepped out of harmony, it would become immediately obvious if you worked by a 13 moon calendar, where as, if the basic calendar is out of kilter and you step further out of kilter you don’t notice it because the basis on which you are building is out of kilter – 31 days, 30 days, 29 days, 28 days – that is like trying to build a building with a measuring stick that keeps changing.

The Day Out Of Time is a day of celebration, a day when the normal rules don’t apply, a day of connecting with your inner self, a day when you just be yourself, whatever that means in specific terms. It is a day when what pertains for the rest of the year doesn’t apply any more. It is like Sunday, it is a day of leisure, a holiday, it is a day out of time.

This 13 Moon Calendar that I am talking about is based on the ancient Mayan system from Central America, which is very profound. They had a far deeper understanding of cycles and calendars, the sun
and the moon, etc than we have today.

With the 13 moon year, each year would start at a different point, so rather than being just a circle of 12 that keeps coming back to the same point again and again and again, it starts at a new point so it becomes a spiral, which reflects the processes of growth in nature.

What we are talking about here is the interface between the love of power and the power of love. The power of love is the natural dynamics of the process of growth of the life force, it is harmony,
where as the love of power is “I am right and you are wrong, you do what I tell you.” It is not a harmonious thing, except within certain narrow limits to serve a particular purpose. I am not saying there is no place for authority or anything like that.

There is certainly the need for authority, it is having authority where it really belongs. In our world people with big pockets have authority, but people with wisdom have no authority because that is the way things have evolved on this artificial base of this 12/60 frequency as against the 13/20.

With the Mayan system there are certain cycles of very important numbers, there’s 4, 7, 13, 20, 28, etc and combinations that synchronize and coincide to tell us important things.

So the calendar becomes a synchronometer, a means by which you get that “certain feeling” that all artists know! In the system we use at the moment, Sept means 7 yet September is the 9th month, Oct means 8, yet October is the 10th month. This comes from Julius Caesar, it comes from the love of power.

They took away the natural in order that they could gain superiority, so they reduced the 13 to 12 which people missed out on, the 13 being the spiritual and increased the 20 to 60, being the physical, so the people were conned into feeling they were really going somewhere, when they were really only chasing their own tail and time became money, instead of art.

In the natural, a massive kauri tree grows to tremendous heights from a tiny seed according to certain fundamental, universal, scientific, cosmic principles, and it is really coming back to
those principles and grasping that shear simplicity of reality and truth.

The real truth, as I see it is that each of us is right in the middle of paradise all the time. That is the real truth, but we have been taught otherwise, and what we believe becomes our reality.
So we end up living in the reality of what we believe. So if we can harmonize our beliefs with the way nature functions, then there are wonderful possibilities.

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