Glow Poi, Ninja LED Glow Poi

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Release the Ninja in you with these purpose built Ninja LED Poi.

I am excited to tell you that our latest versions of the Ninja LED Poi have now arrived.

***New Ninja LED Poi***

Thanks to all the great feedback from our hardcore Pro Ninja spinners we can now offer you an even better product.

New Features;

  • Extra 20 modes plus a 'demo' mode which scrolls through a selection of the custom patterns.
  • Memory function, restarts at the last setting it was on when turned off or battery dies.
  • New comfort 8mm Colecord and attachment system.
  • New, more reliable and durable electrics.
  • Thicker reinforced base.
  • Rechargeable AA Battery NI-MH 2400mAh included.

Designed by Poi spinners for Poi spinners!

Become the ultimate light show!

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