How to make Poi, Simple Sock Poi

How to make Poi, Simple Sock Poi


How to make your own gear - Simple Sock Poi

HOP • Published on 29 Mar, 2008

Very simple Sock Poi. As the name implies all you need is some socks. This is a great way to get into Poi Spinning, especially if you have some socks with funky patterns on them :-)

To make you will require :

  • A pair of long socks or stockings
  • Another pair of socks of any size

1. Do not throw out old socks or stockings just because they have some holes in them. Make some Practice Poi instead.

2. Roll each smaller sock into a ball shape. If you want you may add extra weight to the inside of these socks like seeds or rice etc..

3. Push the sock ball down into the toe of the long sock.

4. If you want something heavier you could use a tennis ball instead.

5. Repeat process for the other sock.

6. Pull and stretch out the top end of the sock and tie a knot. This makes a knob that you can swing the Sock Poi from.

You can also sew ribbons onto the ball end of the sock for extra decoration and visual effect once being spun.

Be aware that if you hit yourself you may want it to be soft and light enough not to bruise.

The heavier you make it the slower you can spin and the less likely the Poi will be effected by any wind.

Happy spinning :-)

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Comments/replies: 18
poi lover diaNne
Member #103425
Reged: Dec 2009
Post19th Dec 2009 6:44 AM 

uhm,, how much weight should i provide for my sock poi?? because i'm just a beginner.. please help me.. and would it be great if i'll use Sock Poi for my practices for the meantime?? pls. respond...tnx.

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post20th Dec 2009 3:45 PM 

If you want to weight them specifically then try out 60 grams per sock.

Yes nothing wrong with using Sock Poi no matter how good you are. Especially if you can get some nice stripped socks smile

May your balls always burn

Member #98848
Reged: Sep 2009
Post23rd Dec 2009 2:05 AM 

for me spining with socks is much easier then spining with other type of Poi smile

My first Poi was tenis ball in socks grin

Member #105187
Reged: Jan 2010
Post25th Jan 2010 8:45 AM 

isn't it heavy to use tennis balls for beginners?

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post25th Jan 2010 1:55 PM 

Not really. The heavier it is the slower you can do moves.
Although too heavy can cause bruises when they hit.

May your balls always burn

Member #113943
Reged: Jul 2010
Post7th Jul 2010 10:40 PM 

I found what I think is the perfect weight and size for the Sock Poi. Also, I've been hit numerous times so far, and no bruises, but it's heavy enough to swing comfortably.

I found a really neat pair of thigh-socks and decided I wanted them to be my new Poi. The entire thing consists of the thigh-socks, 2 pair of regular white socks (the cuff goes up about 4 inches from your ankle, and not winter-thick), and 1 pair of short ankle socks (no-show socks).

Ball up the white socks like you would to match them up and put them in a sock drawer (1 pair per ball). Cover 1 ball in 1 ankle sock, repeat with the other. Stuff them inside the thigh-socks.
Before you tie the knots, give them a few twirls, make sure they're evenly weighted.

If you find that one side is heavier than the other, switch 1 white sock in one ball with 1 white sock in the other ("mix-match") to even it out (only applies if the pair are not identical).

I tied the end to have a loop, too. Mainly because the thigh-socks are longer than my arms, but also to give me something to wrap my fingers in to test if I like it better that way (so far, I don't, but I still like to have the option).

Member #115179
Reged: Jul 2010
Post25th Jul 2010 12:25 PM 

I just made my first Poi using a pair of orange and black striped knee high socks. They are a little short, almost reach my armpit when laid out starting at my hand. Is this ok to start with?

Member #115340
Reged: Jul 2010
Post27th Jul 2010 6:49 PM 

my new favorite homemade Poi are two(fifths)Crown Royal bags with racket balls in em. softer then tennis balls and adds weight. but you dont really get the stretch so they're kinda my practice Firepoi. Still...good idea lol

Member #96045
Reged: Aug 2009
Post8th Dec 2010 5:37 AM 

My first Poi smile were golf balls in socks x
Not Recommended

Member #121893
Reged: Nov 2010
Post19th Dec 2010 2:57 PM 

I just use a tennis ball, you can find them just about anywhere. weavesmiley you can also get somw white ones on HoP for a buck each. bye
XLR8 to the finish

Member #124733
Reged: Dec 2010
Post3rd Jan 2011 10:31 AM 

now I know what I can do with all those extra pairs of army socks I have sitting around my house XD

Member #124853
Reged: Dec 2010
Post20th Jan 2011 11:32 PM 

Glow sticks on the end of shoe strings where my first Poi he he

Caine incendia
Member #127885
Reged: Mar 2011
Post3rd Mar 2011 5:58 PM 

my first Poi was a tennis ball on a cord. then the tennis ball got a chain and swivels.... however i have recently gone back and mad Sock Poi. I really prefer my Sock Poi. all that i learn on my Sock Poi I can apply to my set with chains.

Member #129242
Reged: Mar 2011
Post31st Mar 2011 2:41 AM 

Would socks/stockings cut off at the same length, filled with rice and sewn shut work well enough?

I figure that would provide decent weight and still be soft.... Would I be wrong in this?

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post31st Mar 2011 4:22 AM 


Sounds great to me. Keep it dry though.



May your balls always burn

Member #129664
Reged: Apr 2011
Post8th Apr 2011 2:23 PM 

For the chain Poi - do you need to weigh the end of it to do tricks easier?

And I also think that the best weight for inside of a sock is rice grin works a lot better than macaroni at least laugh3

Runnin' Around With Nowhere To Go... And Havin' an AWESOME TIME DOING IT!!!!

Member #142981
Reged: Nov 2011
Post5th Dec 2011 1:05 PM 

You can also cut open your tennis balls and fill them with sand smile

Tj ONe
Member #155801
Reged: Jul 2012
Post25th Jul 2012 6:39 PM 

What's the rule of thumb for measuring your poi? Like long as ur arm,? Longer than ur arm by ...? Long as ur leg? Gotta b some simple quick way experienced spinners check their lengths.
Never heard of Poi til I bought my first set of throwing knives. Searched for any help learning my new knife hobby n this site came up. Now I wanna learn Poi, so looks like I went from having no hobbies to learning 2 of them at once.

Comments/replies: 18


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