Learn Fire fans - HOP Finger Fire Fan Kit

How to make your own gear - HOP Finger Fire Fan Kit

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HOP • Published on 17 Sep, 2010

The HOP fire fan kit is available here

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Comments/replies: 7
Member #248218
Reged: Dec 2016
Post17th Dec 2016 6:19 PM 

what kind of needle is that>

Member #253968
Reged: Mar 2017
Post1st Jul 2017 1:26 PM 

Ich finde das geht total schwer was mach ich falsch .... hab das erste fertig und die erste Nadel ist kaputt

Member #174643
Reged: Jul 2013
Post14th Sep 2017 10:36 AM 

What I can use for my fingers? I can barely get the needle through..

Member #272579
Reged: Jan 2018
Post6th Jan 2018 12:37 AM 

do you only go through the first layer of wick or half the way through?

Member #285752
Reged: Aug 2018
Post10th Feb 2019 4:00 PM 

Is it okay to have exposed thread after sewing on the Kevlar? Will that burn and breakunravel the fan when I first burn it?

Member #285752
Reged: Aug 2018
Post11th Feb 2019 9:50 AM 

Thank you!!

Jessalyn Hoffman
Member #296693
Reged: Mar 2019
Post28th Mar 2019 11:48 AM 

The first stitch looks like it just goes through the brown thread in the first layer- once he pulled it through it looked as if the thread had gone through to the center. Judging by the way the string pulled to the side and surrounded the wick. am I missing something?

Comments/replies: 7


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