Fire Poi, Where should the swivels go?

Fire Poi, Where should the swivels go?

How to make your own gear - Where should the swivels go?

HOP • Published on 1 Apr, 2008

Where to put the swivels?

A. Some prefer swivels at the "ball" end so you can shorten your chains by wrapping the chains around your hands. Therefore making it possible to have longer chains and still be able to do Buzzsaws' and other moves where the Poi pass in front of the chest.

B. Some prefer the swivels at the handle end so there is still a swiveling action when doing moves like Air wraps and Hyperloops

C. Finally others splash out the extra cost and add a swivel at both ends of each chain.

D. Some believe swivels are of no real advantage when using link chain and do not install them.

Other Reasons to use a swivel

If using link chain or string cords without swivels and the Poi head glances the side of your body, making it rotate, then it will twist. When ever these cords rotate they will kink and shorten their overall length. Then needing to untwist making it harder to control the flight of the Poi.

Reason not to use swivels
If you're using Ball Chain then swivels are not needed. They will never kink or twist up and are always easy to untangle if both Poi tangle around each other.

If you use a swivel close to a fire head then make sure it is a heavy duty swivel and does not use spring or wire clips (or split rings) as the heating and cooling will weaken the metal over time causing it to suddenly break or stretch open.

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Member #107961
Reged: Mar 2010
Post28th Feb 2011 2:41 AM 

i think swivels at the Poi head are completely impractical in spinning. 1) the Swivel at the Poi head will only add unnecessary hardware and weight at the Poi head 2) if you happen to graze yourself with the Poi head and you're using the standard link chain your Poi will wind up for half a second and immediately unwind 3) if you hit yourself so much going the same direction that your chains become completely wound up you need to practice more and that trick is definitely not ready for fire. nursing the fact that hitting yourself unintentionally is okay will stunt your learning and progression to do things cleaner and more precise

Member #107961
Reged: Mar 2010
Post28th Feb 2011 2:44 AM 

also swivels at the handle only help for orbitals. my hyperloops and air wraps work the same with no swivels. the orbital is only one painfully over done trick

Member #78533
Reged: Aug 2008
Post13th Mar 2011 5:22 AM 

I think a Swivel at the Poi head end of chain would weigh about the same as the equivalent length of chain it replaces, therefore not adding weight really. The right kind of graze across the body can set a Poi head into rotation pretty well, especially if catching upon a corner of cathedral heads. That half second you mention can be much more than half a second, and more than enough to change the outcome of a mishap, potentially. Though I commend you clap for mentioning that if you're unintentionally grazing yourself, you shouldn't be doing that lit up yet... things do happen... and every precaution is worthwhile excl .

Comments/replies: 3


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