Hula Hoop, The helicopter

Hula Hoop, The helicopter

Hoop - The helicopter

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  Published on 9 Jun, 2009

If you're interested in learning more Hooping from Sandra SaFire Sommerville, check out her online Hooping classes at Hoop SaFire lives in Alberta, Canada and works as a professional fire performer, motivational speaker and hoop dance instructor. SaFire is a certified educator holding a B.F.A and B.Ed and in 2008 after she won's Hoop Instructor of the Year she put her teaching skills into full play and began teaching hoop dancing classes online to hoopers from all over the world.

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Post2nd Jul 2013 8:11 PM 

hey i dont know why i cant see any video from this page, is so sad i really want to learn new things from here but this problem keep me on the dark side of the circles of my Hooping life..
LIGHT, LOVE, BEAUTY, TRUTH AND KINDNESS.. we are the same, we are one <3
i'm 22 just having a good time, living my dreams, surreal and abstracts.

Comments/replies: 1

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