Fire training and safety, The Differences Between ...

Fire training and safety, The Differences Between Fire Performance Arts

The Differences Between Fire Performance Arts

Ever wonder what distinguishes fire dancing from fire spinning? How about fire breathing from fire eating? It's common for spectators or even beginning practitioners to confuse the different art forms. With this article, hopefully we can clear the air for you.

We'll begin with the broadest terms, and work our way to the more specific definitions.

Fire Performance

This is a general term that would be used for all fire performance arts. You can pretty much consider it the "umbrella" term.
  • Fire Dancing
    Similar to the phrase "fire performance," fire dancing can be used as a broad way to describe some of the other fire arts, like fire spinning/twirling and fire hooping.

    There's a deep history involved with fire dancing, where many cultures have utilized it as part of their ritualistic traditions for decades.

    Fire dancers generally perform to music, and use some type of fire apparatus including; a fire staff, hoop, umbrella, fans, meteor, poi, knives, torches, wands and/or swords.

    In the last two decades fire dancing has exploded on the scene due in large part to widespread influential festivals like Burning Man. As a result, many fire dancers and performers have popped up to provide entertainment for the demand created by such festivals.

    • Fire Spinning/Twirling
      One of the more exciting forms of fire performance, fire spinning/twirling combines both rhythmic gymnastics and different fire apparatus' to create an amazing display of both athleticism and art.

      Grab some fire poi, and twirl an aerial pattern for your audience. Do the same with a fire staff, fire umbrella or fire meteor. Fun to watch, and even more fun to perform.

    • Fire Hooping
      Another exciting technique, fire hooping takes the iconic hula hoop and turns it into a flaming satellite spinning around the performer's body.
  • Fire Breathing
    This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll give you a quick rundown. Fire breathing is the act of breathing/spraying a fine mist of combustible fuel over an open flame. The Wikipedia page has a ton of great pictures and even more info, so be sure to check it out and read this important Fire Breathing safety sheet.
  • Fire Eating
    Another easy one. Fire eaters extinguish flaming objects by placing them in their mouths. Ouch!
  • Fire Juggling
    Remember the fire apparatus mentioned earlier? Specifically the "torches?" Well, a fire juggler is the person that juggles those bad boys...while they're lit of course. But, don't worry, it's not as dangerous as say...juggling fire balls.

Now that you know the difference, pick your poison, and get started!

Written by Sophia.
Fire Dancers by Zen Arts
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