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Cave Man sees Fire

Fire Training - Quick FIRE history


HOP • Published on 30 Apr, 2013

The rapid burning of a combustible material.

Creation of FIRE

It is believed by some that FIRE was first created by lightening. Caveman saw the fire and was attracted to it. Maybe they would have thought that a part of the sun had broken off and fallen to earth. It is believed that fire was first used and controlled by caveman about 1,420,000 years ago. Although caveman did not know how to create fire himself using friction or flint until about 7000B.C. Fire was used to keep warm, cook, illuminate and later to clear forests of trees to create open areas to better hunt animals. FIRE was also used in fighting and wars.

FIRE and Power

FIRE is a very powerful central element in many religions and beliefs. Probably the most powerful of the four elements - FIRE, Air, Water, Earth. FIRE has been used as a gathering point for man throughout history.

Caveman evolves with FIRE

Much of the changes in technology and science can be associated with the continual increase in the amount of energy available through FIRE and brought under control. By harnessing more of the available energy more efficient machines are created.

FIRE is beautiful, helpful and sometimes destructive. It has brought people together and it has torn lives apart. It is to be respected fully.

FIRE will always be fascinating to mankind and it is mankind that will choose wether FIRE will help us or destroy us.

Getting back to basics

To me performing with FIRE is getting back to the basic element that got us to where we are today. What we see and think today about FIRE is probably still the same thoughts that our cave ancestors had many years ago. To me it is more interesting to look at than the other elements Air, Water and Earth.


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