Fire training and safety, Am I ready for Fire?

This question hasn't got a straight forward answer. The amount of time you've been spinning or number of moves you know has little effect on whether or not you're ready to spin with fire yet. What matters most is your confidence and ability to perform the moves you do well.

Both staff and poi spinners need to make sure they're ready and prepared to spin fire before doing so. For the spinner a staff is safer to spin whilst lit than poi – poi can and do tangle around a spinner's body and are hard to get off once attached, whereas a staff can be easily dropped. However a staff poses more danger to bystanders as a carelessly released staff can fly off and cause major damage.

Get Help & Advice

Ideally you should have an experience fire spinner to help you spin fire for the first time: Nothing is as good as real life help and guidance. However we know that this isn't always possible and many people don't know other fire spinners. But at least have a friend to help you and watch out for your safety.

Don't rush

Don't be in too much of a hurry to start spinning fire as soon as possible – spin when you're ready and not when your friends say you are. There isn't any reason to rush to start spinning fire that is worth the potential danger to yourself and those around you. The first time you spin with fire is a very memorable moment, so best to remember it for the right reasons.

Your first fire spin

Don't try moves you're not confident with. Know which moves you can perform well with little chance of tangling around yourself and spin slowly – more accidents happen when you spin too fast. Consistency and calm nerves are key to starting with fire, you should be able to consistently spin a fire staff/poi without hitting yourself. This doesn't mean you'll never hit yourself when lit, but it greatly reduces the chances of injury. Practice with your fire poi unlit and if possible add a bit of weight of them – try covering them with an old pair of socks.


Make sure you've read the articles on Fire Safety. It's crucial that you take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of yourself and those near by. When spinning always have a safety nearby – a friend with a fire blanket or wet towel in case the worst does happen. Keep a safe distance away from other people but not so far that your safety can't easily reach you. Get your safety to keep an eye out for anyone that might walk too close to you whilst you're spinning.


Read the article on Which Fuel? and make sure you never spin with something dangerous such as methylated spirits, white gas or petrol. The safest fuel for spinning is kerosene, or paraffin in some countries and is usually the main ingredient in lamp oil. Kerosene doesn't transfer onto other materials easily and doesn't light as easily as other fuels so is the least explosive. However no fuel is safe and you need to make sure your fuel is safely contained and kept well away from naked flames.

Spinning off

Don't forget to remove excess fuel from your wicks before lighting up – otherwise beads of fire will go flying! There are many ways of doing this and the best ways collect the excess fuel by placing the wick securely in a container before spinning the excess out. Just spinning unlit should never be done in doors and even outdoors it pollutes the environment and places all slippery fuel on the floor you're spinning on.

You will get burnt

No fire spinner never burns themselves and most have a distinct lack of body hair on their arms. So know what to do if you do get burnt by reading our article on First Aid for Burns.

Have fun!

Your first spin is going to be the most memorable – so have fun!

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Member #117403
Reged: Aug 2010
Post9th Sep 2010 6:20 PM 

I have been spinning Poi for six weeks only! I used fire for the first time the other day infront of a croud of 80 people. It couldn't have been any better, everyone was cheering me (and the other two spinners) on. It was a moment i will never forget!!!

Member #129220
Reged: Mar 2011
Post15th Apr 2011 9:16 PM 

I did my first fire spin tonight! I started maybe two weeks ago. Kept it very simple. I was alone unfortunately. frown

Member #134930
Reged: Jul 2011
Post17th Jul 2011 1:21 PM 

I had my first fire session last Tuesday!

I started maybe a month before that, and didn't practice nearly as much as I would have liked. But I had half a dozen people with me who were experienced fire spinners. I borrowed a friend's Poi Set, so it really helped spinning the soaked wicks first to feel the way gravity works with the weight of the Poi.

It was one of the most adrenaline-filled experiences I've ever had, and I can't wait to do it again. I'm working on building my own Fire Poi Set for the next weekend. bounce2

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"I'm still just stunned...that's ME! With FIRE!"

Member #123449
Reged: Dec 2010
Post6th Sep 2011 4:21 PM 

One night after a fire spin I was outside spinning my glo Poi and another spinner had asked me if I had spun fire before, I said no and that my goal was to be ready by next spring. He saw what I was capable of and felt that I was good enough and he wanted to give me my virgin burn.
The following day, I went to his campsite and got his Poi so that i could practice with the new weight. later that night I lit up in front of a dozen people at his campsite, it was great. I had 2 3 minute burns.
2 hours later at this huge party, there was another group having a spinjam for the party goers and me with my glo Poi once more, they happened to be short some fire spinner and asked me if I wanted to spin, of course.
as soon as i went into the 3 beat weave the crowed roared. That was the greatest feeling smile ubbrollsmile

Member #147214
Reged: Feb 2012
Post9th Feb 2012 2:19 AM 

I've been spinning Poi since mid January. A friend and I have taken a great liking to it and I hope to practice a lot to spin fire soon. I know it says not to rush it but the only way to get better is to practice, ya? I'm ordering a set soon. I'm pretty excited. I know this will become a great hobby. Not enough of this around where I'm from. I hope to bring the joy around. Wish me luck grin

Member #141550
Reged: Nov 2011
Post5th Jul 2012 11:18 AM 

i have been spinnig Poi for about a year now and yesterday was my first time spinnig Fire Poi it was the best experience grin

Member #140087
Reged: Oct 2011
Post9th Sep 2012 1:24 PM 

i dont mean to be talking trash on anyone here but what exactly is the point of fire if your most advanced move is 3beat weaves w/ turns? i didnt spin fire until i had already mastered waistwraps. i understand that youre probably not gunna hurt anyone and youre most likely not gunna set yourself on fire but i just think if you're still spinning on a wheel plane then you are not good enough to be spinning fire
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Member #173970
Reged: Jul 2013
Post21st Jul 2013 7:11 PM 

I will be getting Fire Poi soon all i am doing seperate is folding the kevlar into a cathedral wrap and stuff and im really exited my grandma wont let me light them until she fells comfortable with me spinning lol but im still exited for when i get to light them and just saying to the person who wrote that ^ comment, if ur best move is a 3 beat weave that dosent mean u shouldnt spin fire it all depends on how you preforme a trick now how many advanced or beginner tricks u van prefore grin laugh3
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TheBest Remix
Member #181192
Reged: Nov 2013
Post9th Nov 2013 12:01 AM 


Member #193263
Reged: May 2014
Post6th Jun 2014 11:30 AM 

Thanks for the supportive info! I am super excited to spin fire for the first time I just need to get more accurate with my movements. I think its great that if you are coordinated and have a good mind set about fire you can spin it no problem smile If you are performing for other people regularly you may want to learn new moves but I think If you are doing it to test yourself and your being smart. try fire!

Member #193263
Reged: May 2014
Post6th Jun 2014 11:31 AM 

Thanks for the supportive info! I am super excited to spin fire for the first time I just need to get more accurate with my movements. I think its great that if you are coordinated and have a good mind set about fire you can spin it no problem smile If you are performing for other people regularly you may want to learn new moves but I think If you are doing it to test yourself and your being smart. try fire! lolsign

Comments/replies: 11


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