Throws, Vertical Spin Throws

Throws, Vertical Spin Throws

Fire Fans - Vertical Spin Throws

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  Published on 9 May, 2008

This vertical throw involves one revolution of the fan before catching it once again. Given the non symmetrical shape of the fan and the weighting there is a much smaller margin of error for throwing and catching fans as opposed to more symmetrical Fire Toys such as staves.

The aim is to throw the fan upwards with momentum so that it spins as it travels upwards. Depending on the weight and the size of your fan you may require different throwing strengths to allow it to spin once before it descends back into your hand.

It would be easier to throw without a finger in the spin hole, as you can get caught while attempting to throw ?

Similar to the finger-spin, you are aiming to catch the handle of the fan in the base of your palm. If this is your first time attempting throws, you may find yourself catching the fan elsewhere. Practice throws LOTS before attempting to do it with fire, as you don’t want to throw and catching the head(s) of the fan ?

In the event of a catch that doesn't land as neatly as you'd hoped (i.e., you catch it slightly further up from the handle), be sure to flourish and move as you correct your hand position to mask it :)

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