Introduction, Fire Fans Mentality

Introduction, Fire Fans Mentality

Fire Fans - Fire Fans Mentality

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  Published on 31 Aug, 2007

If you happen to have a martial arts or dance background, a sizeable quota of your knowledge and muscle memory can be readily applied with Fire Fans. Dance movements and martial arts forms that are stance and hand intensive can be readily combined with fans with pleasing results and will greatly enhance your performance.

If you lack a dance or martial arts background, do not despair. The lesson plans in the following sections have been written as comprehensively as possible with pictures and footage to illustrate the moves.
The range of moves listed in this Fire Fans Tutorial are NOT limited to what is documented here. There are countless moves, dance influences and styles which can shape your performance, all of which cannot be timely sampled by one person alone .

Compared to other disciplines, there is less overall technicality with fans as opposed to Poi or staff. In a nutshell, Fire Fans can be viewed purely as an extension of your own hands. For that reason alone, you can view movies, television shows or documentaries showcasing bodily movement and draw upon what appeals to you the most, and apply them to your own style: The only hindrance being added weight and length to your hand movements. Fans, like dance and martial arts, can be practiced anywhere at any time: with or without implements.

Good luck and happy spinning!

Brendan. (Brenn)

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Post7th May 2012 8:09 AM 

Brenn, I seriously love you for doing this whole tutorial! I was doing Poi, but tried my friends handfans last night, and I'm hooked!!! I have a dance background and also happen to collect handfans, so it felt so natural to me immediately!!! However, I do want to learn all the tricks already out there, so I'm very excited about this tutorial!!

Comments/replies: 1


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