Introduction, Choosing your Fans

Introduction, Choosing your Fans

Fire Fans - Choosing your Fans

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  Published on 31 Aug, 2007

At the time of writing, HomeofPoi currently offers three sets of fans:

3 spoke Fire Fans
• 3 x 2 inch wide kevlar ® wick fire heads on each fan
• Fan Width 20 inches (510mm)
• Fan Height 16.5 inches (420mm)
• Weight per fan: 380 grams

5 spoke Fire Fans
• 5 x 2 inch wide kevlar ® wick fire heads on each fan
• Fan Width 25 inches (630mm)
• Fan Height 16.5 inches (420mm)
• Weight per fan: 590 grams

‘Crescent’ rope Fire Fans
• 760 mm span of 19 mm} kevlar ® rope per fan (horizontal span 600 mm )
• Fan Width 24 inches approx (600mm)
• Fan Height 16.5 inches (420 mm )
• Weight per fan: 545 grams

Which fan you choose will be largely aesthetical, but here are some things to consider:

They do not collapse - Home of Poi Fans are fixed as opposed to collapsible: That is, they do not fold like traditional Chinese fans or other collapsible Fire Fans. While this disallows any ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ flourishes seen in traditional Fan Dancing, it ensures a happy medium between strength, size and weight.

They will tire you at first – Regardless if you plan to be an ‘aggressive’ active mover with Fire Fans, or a static ‘on the spot’ performer, you can expect fans to give you a workout. Poi and Staff Spinning has the benefit of not requiring constant lifting or force, whereas constantly supporting and pushing roughly half a kilogram of metal and fire in each hand will be noticeable in minutes. The upside of this is that, with constant use, you can expect to witness your upper body strength and fitness improve.

They will be very warm – The Fire Fan heads/crescent will be only be a handspan or so away from your own hands. If you are planning on taking up Fire Fans as your very first fire toy, you may be confronted with just how close and hot the flames will be to you at all times, as opposed to Poi which will traditionally be an entire arms length from you and will be constantly moving towards and away from you, not being held constantly against you.

They will bend – Over time and after several drops, the fan shape will bend, particularly at the outer spokes. As alarming as this may seem, it is to be expected, and you can gently but firmly push the spokes back into their original position should you drop them (taking care to wait for the fan to cool down should you have them alight). Always practice new (and old!) moves on the softest ground you can find to reduce bending.

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