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With your hands shoulder width apart, bend your arms to ensure that your elbows are further out than your hands. This will ensure that the fans do not catch against your forearms.
Regardless of how you hold them, ensure that your middle finger is in the spinning hole and that you are able to retract your remaining fingers quickly. Start with your fans facing forwards and slightly upwards. Release them so they swing downwards and retract your fingers and fold them so that they are well away from the fan. Make small cylinder motions with your fingers to keep the fans spinning, remembering to keep your arms bent and away from the spinning fans. This will produce a forward vertical spin.

To perform a backwards vertical spin, begin with the fans facing forward but lowered. ‘Flick’ your wrists so that they travel upward. Given enough momentum, they will then drop towards you. Make cylinder motions with your fingers in the same direction to perpetuate this backward vertical spin.

To ‘catch’ a spinning fan, move your thumb inwards. The large, fleshy part of your hand joining the thumb will brace the fan frame. As this happens, slip your thumb over the frame and secure it, your fingers following suit.

As you gain more experience with finger spins, you can ‘stall’ them into other moves, perform spins high and low, and alternate them so that one fan spins forwards and one fan spins backwards and split-timing them, creating a true ‘buzz-saw’ shape.

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Comments/replies: 5
Member #64036
Reged: Dec 2007
21st Jan 2008 9:09 AM 

i have found that spining with two fingers instead of one is better for me since my fans have a more larger grip ring three to be exact!!!! weavesmiley

Member #8978
Reged: Jun 2004
21st Jan 2008 10:54 AM 

 Written by: gunsandroses

i have found that spining with two fingers instead of one is better for me since my fans have a more larger grip ring three to be exact!!!! weavesmiley

The fans I use are the ones produced by HomeofPoi, where their spinning hole is large enough for one finger only. As such, the lessons I write are with respect the fans produced by HoP.

If for your fans two fingers work better for you and your fan type, then great smile


Owner of burningoftheclavey smile
Owned by Lost83spy

Member #41377
Reged: Sep 2006
10th May 2008 8:19 PM 

I've recently discovered the joys of strapping tape for fingers.... my hop fans are a little rough inside the spinning hole... leaves a rather random red sore ring on my fingers, but a bit of tape lets me play with finger spins all day long!

Don't just do something, Stand there

Member #73726
Reged: Jun 2008
6th Aug 2008 5:47 AM 

Hey I had a question...
..I just recently bought fans...well actually I just got them yesterday ubblol
..But well when I first light them up, will vertical spins be a bad idea to do with a short sleeve shirt on?
Or if I'm careful, do you think I'll be fne?

Member #8978
Reged: Jun 2004
27th Dec 2009 1:16 PM 

Chardy: This is a very late response, but hopefully it answers yours and others questions!

It largely depends on how short sleeve your shirt is, and how long your arms are, and the material that you're wearing. If you're wearing plastic/ may want to disrobe wink

You can catch/graze yourself with a lit fan without too much worry as long as the fan doesn't stay connected in your clothes and they're made of natural fibres and don't have any fuel on them, but it's strongly advised to spin off any excess fuel before lighting and finger spinning with fans, as finger spins flick off a LOT of excess fuel.

Practice the finger spins until you are COMPLETELY comfortable with them before trying them lit.

Happy spinning! smile


Owner of burningoftheclavey smile
Owned by Lost83spy

Comments/replies: 5