Beginner Arm Moves, Weave

Beginner Arm Moves, Weave

Fire Fans - Weave

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Two beat weave.

This will be difficult to describe so I am hoping the enclosed video will be able to do most of the talking

Practice drawing a figure of eight with both arms separately, the loops of the ‘eight’ at either side of your body. Once you are confident with this, combine both arms together. Do not cross them at the same time – instead, alternate them (also known as ‘split-timing’). The end result should be that one fan loosely ‘follows’ the other.

This can be performed both with wide arcs (straight arms) and smaller, tight arcs (bent arms)

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Post28th Dec 2007 10:10 PM 

This looks like a cross-over to me. In Poi, the weave has three beats -- one on one side and two on the other. So far I have not been able to figure out how to do a weave with fans. I think it requires letting the fan spin around the finger on the third beat on each side, which is tricky.

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Post28th Jan 2008 1:40 PM 

its just a simple chase

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Post28th Jan 2008 2:04 PM 

Correction noted smile

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Post3rd Feb 2009 1:28 PM 

This is the same as 2-beat weave in Poi. You need to do either right-hand-on-top or left-hand-on-top; and you can move between the two by pausing one fan for a single beat as the other reverses.

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Post27th Nov 2013 7:49 AM 

I wish he explained more like the woman in the other tutorials on here or break it down a bit. D: i really want to learn this move
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Post24th Jan 2014 8:29 AM 

Having a lot of trouble with this... I can do it one hand at a time but can only manage a bloody nose when using both o_o

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