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This is an advancement of the Kiss The Flame and is a great way to start a performance. It really gets the crowds attention. Remember to be safe!!

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Comments/replies: 3
Member #118689
Reged: Sep 2010
18th Sep 2010 12:42 AM 

Towards the end of this movie, about 1:30 the guy sais exhale completely. what he means is inhale completely so that you are able to exhale the flames away from your mouth in case anything goes wrong. I would also like to add that instead of charcoal you can youse high-fat milkproducts e.g. wholemilk or cream.

Lady Tigerlilly
Member #127666
Reged: Feb 2011
18th Mar 2011 11:17 AM 

Why does he recommend taking charcoal?

Member #130747
Reged: Apr 2011
24th May 2011 12:26 PM 

when he say charcole he means charcole pills...they help absorb and get the fuel out of your system smile

Comments/replies: 3

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