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Fire Eating - Shotgun Light

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  Published on 26 Jun, 2010

Remember to always be safe!! :-)

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Post29th Jul 2010 5:46 AM 

Good video, this is a great trick that others should know.

Suggestion, don't use glass for fuel, if it lights up, the glass can shatter and then you have a real fire on your hands.

Go shirtless and you can apply this trick to the torso, or even across both arms and chest!

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Post18th Sep 2010 1:09 AM 

I like to, as soon as the fire hits the torch, to move the now lit torch in a slow sircle away from my hand. Nothing to do with the safety or feeling, I just thin it looks more dangerous when rtthe audience cant see that you can hold your torch against your hand without beeing scorched. Just start moving your hands as soon as the flame catches the torch going with your hand, not in a sircle movent with my wrist but straight backwards then turning your whole hand. Make sure you don't move the torch to quickley 'cause then you extinguish the flame. Am I overexplaining this? It started out as a short sentence and then i wrote another one, and another, and before i knew it I had a whole short story on my hand, sorry!spank

Comments/replies: 2


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