Mr. Moustachios Dragon Staff QR Guide, Intro - Wha...

Mr. Moustachios Dragon Staff QR Guide, Intro - What's going on here? *Updated*


Dragon Staff - Intro - What's going on here? *Updated*


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  Published on 16 Aug, 2016


Welcome to the Dragonstaff QR guide!

The nomenclature presented has been reviewed by or tweaked with the International Dragon Staff Community, so that people aren't running around with a millions names in their heads, and that will continue to happen. Names and videos will be replaced periodically for accuracy. I already plan to replace and expand on a few of the ones posted, but they'll do for now. Thank you all so very much for helping me with this!

I've already started putting heads together for round two of the Dragon Staff QR videos. I think the Rope Dart QR took 4 or 5 rounds to get where it is.

Alongside the Dragon Staff itself, I will also have examples of Exotic Dragons, such as the Monk's Spade and Dragon Sword. The concept behind doing so is to give you more ways of thinking about your flow and these movements are broken dow into 3 main categories:

Chi (Roll)
Staff (Gripped Spins, Wings, and Strikes)
Contact Staff (Wraps and such. Think Chi, but without the Roll)

I'll label the diagram on this page in a way that breaks down the movement naming constructs.

It's like a game of "reference points", and the goal is to magically float in between them based on what you're trying to accomplish, and that's how you set up the nomenclature.
(Take that with a grain of salt. When I teach Zip Poi, I look people in the eye tell them like Keanu: "You know Tai Chi. Woah")


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