Niels Duinker, Learn to Juggle: And Perform Family-Friendly Comedy Routines

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Learn to Juggle: And Perform Family-Friendly Comedy Routines
by Niels Duinker, Jim Hedrick (Foreword by), Ben Kleyn (Photographer)

Learn to juggle and perform family-friendly comedy routines!

Juggling is fun, and with this book you will learn the basics! You will learn how to juggle up to 4 balls, so you can amaze your friends. This book also includes plenty of juggling jokes and gags that are guaranteed to get smiles and laughs form everyone you share them with!

Juggling improves hand-eye coordination and is a fun exercise. People will literally applaud you for your work-out.

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Meet the Author

Niels Duinker holds 6 Guinness World Records and can be seen 6 nights a week at the world famous Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN. Juggling has taken him all over the world... to all 7 continents! Before joining the world's longest and most successful clean comedy variety show, Niels performed all over the world in shows in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Paris, Dubai and at sea for all the major cruise line, including Disney Cruises! His YouTube channel has gotten over 2 Million views and the world's largest magic association (IMS) names him 'Variety Act of the Year' 3 times!

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