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3 Section Staff (Sanjiegun)

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Complete Rainbow Dragon

Welcome to Rainbow Dragon Style 3-Section Staff!
The colours of the Rainbow Dragon align with the hand positions.

I made this up, just letting you know now. It's based on a moved called "Black Dragon Whips its Tail", and then I elaborated from there.

Now that I have all of these drawn out, I can flesh out the move list more easily. The movements names are a mixture of rope dart, staff, poi, zip poi, and double staff.

With your Lead-Thumb facing your imaginary opponent (unless n/a),
The grip focus naming operates as follows:

Tail: Green, Gray, Blue
Body (Mid-Section): Yellow, Black
Crown/Head: Orange, White, Red
Ends: Indigo, Purple, Violet

Joint-Prop Spins:
Earth: 1 segment moving, joint at chain
Jupiter: 2 segments moving, joint at elbow
Sun: 3 segments, joint at shoulders

Sorry, gotta switch to Martial for a sec:
Swing: Sweeping attack with a segment(s) you're not gripping.
Strike: Sweeping attack with a segment you are gripping.
Jab: Move an end forward, inline
Thrust: Move a segment(s) forward, inline
Shot: Move an un-gripped end forward, inline

Also, there should be an Overhand Blue Dragon and an Underhand Red Dragon, so I'll have those up shortly. Aside from the contact, stick/open grips, slip grips, x, and dark variants... that shooooould be all of them. I think.

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