I cancelled an order but where is my credit card refund?

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I cancelled an order but where is my credit card refund?

About the Order cancellation feature Unlike most systems our shop has a feature of being able to cancel your own order right up to the point of shipping. Once shipped it can not be canceled but goods can be returned for refunds. You can also edit the shipping address up until the goods are shipped. We feel this gives users greater control and more of a caring approach to helping customers. It is quite unfortunate that even though banks can charge your credit card immediately they still take up to 9 days to process a refund at the card holders end. This really does not make sense and is out of our control. We recently added more notices in the order cancellation process pre-warning of the possible slow process to receive the refund from their bank. When a customer decides to cancel an order they simply click the "cancel order" link. We connect through to the merchant account at our bank and instruct them to refund the full amount to the original transaction. We then display all the relevant information pertaining to the refund so it can be confirmed by the customer. Immediately the money is taken out of our bank account and sent back to the credit card services provider (eg normally the customers bank). Most people have good banks and they get the refund within a day.

But for some unknown reason it can disappear, to earn interest maybe for the customers bank or in fact VISA??

Then as much as 9 days later the customer gets it back into their account. So it can appear from the customer's bank statement that we have not done a refund. And we have kept the money and ripped them off. It is sad that we get blamed for this when we are doing the refund immediately. We have increased awareness of the process, however it can still appear like a scam for a few days until the money returns. Always make sure you check for the refund on dates up to 10 days later otherwise it can be missed and things like this can happen. Hope that explains.

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