How to Split Payment over different methods

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How to Split Payment over different methods

To Pay for a single order using multiple payment methods, do the following.Using your Paypal funds or Credit Cards, create a gift voucher using your different payment methods. Select to send the voucher to your email address and set the delivery date to today. LINK: You will receive an email with a link to use the voucher. Join or login into Home of Poi and then Click on that link, and that amount will credit your account. Your account will take this credit off the value of your order. If you have other Gift Vouchers, continue to click on those links. You must be logged into your account for this to work, so your Voucher will immediately add funds to your member account. Repeat as necessary. Complete the checkout process by paying any final balance using another payment method. If you have enough credit in your account, there will be nothing to pay. Submit the order, and we will begin the shipping process.  

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