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Golden Goddess

I am the maker of the first flow group our town has seen. We welcome any individuals who would like to come and express themselves through this beautiful art. The first meet, we had a local DJ come and there ended up being 30 people who showed up. This is an amazing opportunity because I have been saving up to purchase many different flow toys for my group to experiment with. Thank you!
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Golden Goddess

As picked by HoP
1. MissObscene entered by JaneLovell
2. Love in the spiral entered by Kaitlin Au Soleil
3. Taming the Serpent entered by Spekktor

No. 1
The beauty in the Firecircle
No. 2
LED on stage
No. 3
Lady Phoenix
No. 4
The Lady Is A Vamp
No. 5
Love in the spiral
No. 6
Golden Goddess
No. 7
Fire Lizard
No. 8
Savage Solace
No. 9
No. 10
Kraken from Fiera Flow
No. 11
No. 12
No. 13
No. 14
Lose Yourself, Find Your Self
No. 15
No. 16
No. 17
Fire Hooping Mermaid
No. 18
Feelin spicy 😜
No. 19
Fire and Water
No. 20
True Bliss
No. 21
Typhlosion Gijinka
No. 22
Sunset fire
No. 23
No. 24
No. 25
Let There Be Fire
No. 26
Blazing Circles
No. 27
Alexis Powers
No. 28
Sailor Saturn
No. 29
Macabre Inferno
No. 30
No. 31
Fire and Water
No. 32
Hair Flick
No. 33
No. 34
Buzz Saw at the Drum Circle
No. 35
Steampunk delight
No. 36
The worlds a circus, light it up!
No. 37
I am the fire
No. 38
Fairy Wings
No. 39
Purple haze
No. 40
Chapelle ardente
No. 41
Taming the Serpent
No. 42
Winter Solstice spins
No. 43
Fire Orb @ The Devils Disco
No. 44
Mother of flow
No. 45
Spicy 20s
No. 46
No. 47
Let it burn
No. 48
Fire Fan Fun
No. 49
Express Yourself
No. 50
Molotov cocktail juggling
No. 51
Set the world on fire
No. 52
Fan Out
No. 53
Fire Crown
No. 54
Kinetic Hoop Vortex
No. 55
Beach Gurlzz
No. 56
Closer to Flames
No. 57
East coast hui
No. 58
lady dragon mx
No. 59
Aerial arts - Cirque
No. 60
led poi
No. 61
Fire under the moon
No. 62
Summoning my Fire Serpent
No. 63
Burning Bright
No. 64
No. 65
No. 66
Brandy Karras

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