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Ferdinand the bull

Taken by Dragancaor Creative at the 2014 Zig Zag Community Arts Festival. I use red flag poi and rove with this bull puppet, sometimes getting an assistant to either control the bull or kids love doing this run with the flag while Ferdinand chases them
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Ferdinand the bull

As picked by HoP
1. Fire Reflections entered by Dawn_Brende
2. Mother Hooper entered by Julie Elizabeth
3. Chautauqua Gorge Hike entered by Alissa Stevens

No. 1
Shayna and Kaila in the swamp
No. 2
Hoop Yoga
No. 3
Natures stage
No. 4
No. 5
Fire Faerie in the Ice Castle
No. 6
Poi in Paradise
No. 7
finding balance at the edge of the continent
No. 8
Dancing to the Sound of Music in the Wind
No. 9
Im reaching for the random or whatever may come 💙
No. 10
Let your inner voice flow and give you light.
No. 11
The Fire Inside
No. 12
Chautauqua Gorge Hike
No. 13
circle of life
No. 14
No. 15
Light bending in the forest
No. 16
Water Hooper
No. 17
stinkin creek road
No. 18
Hooping in the park
No. 19
Meditation in Yoyogi Japan
No. 20
Mother Hooper
No. 21
Sun center
No. 22
Light up the trees
No. 23
Beautiful beast
No. 24
Hoop flow
No. 25
Spinning Over the City
No. 26
Maria Booker
No. 27
Fire and Snow
No. 28
Photo - poi
No. 29
In balance at Hanging Lake Colorado
No. 30
Sunset Solitude
No. 31
Northfork Flow
No. 32
Find you balance
No. 33
Ocean reflections
No. 34
No. 35
Lady Ninja
No. 36
Fire and Ice waterfall
No. 37
Verdant Spirals
No. 38
Karamea Daze
No. 39
Fire & LED hooping by the moonrise
No. 40
Eternal Sunshine
No. 41
No. 42
Forest Fairy
No. 43
No. 44
Dancing with Giants!
No. 45
Fire Reflections
No. 46
Koh Lanta Sunset
No. 47
The orb
No. 48
Fire Whip
No. 49
No. 50
Release to mature
No. 51
Fire and ice
No. 52
A Babe in a Banyan
No. 53
To the Goddess and back
No. 54
Creek Breeze
No. 55
Dance of Fire and Snow
No. 56
Spinning poi on The Monument
No. 57
Hoop Ninja
No. 58
No. 59
Ferdinand the bull
No. 60
No. 61
Celebrating life
No. 62
Fire Dragons
No. 63
Fun in the forest
No. 64
Into the woods
No. 65
The Bean in The Trees.
No. 66
Playing in the Bosque
No. 67
World of magic
No. 68
mountain top stalls!!!
No. 69
Day at the beach
No. 70
No. 71
Contact Ball
No. 72
The Phoenix & Her Guardian Angel
No. 73
No. 74
Butterfly in the tree
No. 75
Fire School Jam