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Statuesque Hooping

When a photographer reveals a side of yourself that you didnt know existed, you know the artistic connection is something special. Photographer Ira Musty and I spent 6 hours climbing to the top of a mountain in Vermont in order to capture this photo. We are up about 3,000 feet on Mount Pisgah, its early spring and in the background is actually Canada.
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Statuesque Hooping

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1. Galaxy entered by Charity
2. Tree Hooping entered by indystormchaser
3. Steelwoolpoi entered by Julian

No. 1
sparkle me pretty
No. 2
Juggling Concentration
No. 3
Fire Dress
No. 4
pyrobatics! :P
No. 5
Bonding with hoops
No. 6
Best friends!
No. 7
No. 8
Firefly and henna
No. 9
No. 10
Fire Fans
No. 11
No. 12
Late Night Lights
No. 13
Hearts and Flowers
No. 14
Find your bliss
No. 15
Fire spinning flower exposure.
No. 16
a flicker of light
No. 17
Arctic Fire on ice
No. 18
Circle of Bliss
No. 19
No. 20
No. 21
No. 22
Fire Skipping Rope
No. 23
Tree Hooping
No. 24
Bliss amongst chaos
No. 25
Statuesque Hooping
No. 26
Barcelonetta Beach
No. 27
All you need is love
No. 28
The Bowler Hat Girl
No. 29
Ghosts in the Forrest
No. 30
Beauty in Simplicity
No. 31
Lauren on Fire
No. 32
Ze fire jump rope
No. 33
Poi heart for you
No. 34
Fire fades to grey.....
No. 35
Fire palms
No. 36
Back to the roots
No. 37
contact poi - costa rica
No. 38
Nuclear burn off
No. 39
Nose hooping
No. 40
Friendship with Fire
No. 41
No. 42
Playing with reels
No. 43
Fire eating 🔥
No. 44
Puppy hammer
No. 45
No. 46
Evoke Light
No. 47
Bug eyes!
No. 48
Catching the Clouds
No. 49
A summer of circus
No. 50
night light
No. 51
Fire Lotus
No. 52
Hollywood Dreaming
No. 53
Double take
No. 54
Rapid Oxidation
No. 55
Peace Festival Taiwan
No. 56
cosmic dance
No. 57
No. 58
Rhythm & Flow
No. 59
Double staff
No. 60
Wheel of fire
No. 61
apple jam
No. 62
a little bit of sock poi :
No. 63
kiwiburn 2016
No. 64
Mountain Spinner
No. 65
No. 66
The Woman In Black
No. 67
Sparkling Tree
No. 68
My Happy Place
No. 69
White flame
No. 70
Forest smile
No. 71

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