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The Sound of Colour

“Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly To be fearful of the night” - Sarah Williams This photo displays light trails created with an Orbite. One of my favourite hobbies for over two years now is orbiting because it allows me to connect my passion for visual art with my love for music. Together, the two mesh beautifully together creating a story within each other that derives from my imagination being driven by whatever music is being played. Its incredible how all of the senses can come together and produce something spectacular!
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The Sound of Colour

No. 1
No. 2
Future Poi / Hyperion
No. 3
One Love
No. 4
Dance of Color
No. 5
Spectral Spiral
No. 6
No. 7
Pixel Poi
No. 8
Fire and Ice
No. 9
Light Dancer
No. 10
Drown me in purple
No. 11
music in motion
No. 12
Rainbow Flowers
No. 13
No. 14
I Cant Stop
No. 15
Debby Trubble
No. 16
No. 17
Island zellwiggle
No. 18
No. 19
Diamond Kaleidoscope
No. 20
No. 21
Whats in your pocketses?
No. 22
my portal to a starry dimension
No. 23
Whirlwind of color
No. 24
No. 25
No. 26
LED Hooping
No. 27
Ninja moves!
No. 28
Kick Start
No. 29
Star Power!
No. 30
interpretation of UK weather!
No. 31
The Sound of Colour
No. 32
Moon Goddess
No. 33
home alone :D
No. 34
Silent Awareness Grace
No. 35
No. 36
PixelWhips at Spielpause
No. 37
Magic Mushroom
No. 38
Tunnel Poi
No. 39
No. 40
No. 41
flow life
No. 42
multi flower
No. 43
Desert hearts...
No. 44
Rainbow future poi shuffle trails 🙌🏼
No. 45
Glow Poi + Glow Suit
No. 46
Practice with ninja poi
No. 47
Blue never ending obsession
No. 48
enlighten your heart
No. 49
A Night Out of Time
No. 50
Beam me up
No. 51
light trails
No. 52
Three friends, One Camera
No. 53
Ridiculously high toss
No. 54
No. 55
No. 56
Little boy hooper
No. 57
I say, I do.
No. 58
Midnight flow
No. 59
Me Río de Janeiro
No. 60
Lighting up their eyes
No. 61
LED Triquetra
No. 62
Riveting River Lights.
No. 63
Palm of light
No. 64
No. 65
No. 66
Sticky sticks
No. 67
Inside of geometry
No. 68
Partner Poi
No. 69
Hard Times Require Furious Dancing
No. 70
In Flames
No. 71
Rainbow Frequency
No. 72
Flowtime all the time!
No. 73
No. 74
Rainbow vortex
No. 75
Above All
No. 76
Visual poi
No. 77
Led flow.
No. 78
spiral of silence
No. 79
Double trouble trails
No. 80
Poidance at the Hill
No. 81
Lots of love
No. 82
No. 83
Boom tornado!
No. 84
Hoop Smear Sphere
No. 85
No. 86
Secret Agent Blaire and her LED Lyra
No. 87
Hoop Skirt
No. 88
Trefoil LED Poi
No. 89
Beach flower
No. 90
Weave around a hug : ultimate PLUR poi!
No. 91
poiz & hair
No. 92
No. 93
No. 94
marama swirl
No. 95
Feel the Flow
No. 96
Poi in the dark
No. 97
triquetra v triquetra
No. 98
Electric Naga
No. 99
Eclipsing hoop
No. 100
Visual Anti-Spin
No. 101
storms and glow
No. 102
Vortex state of mind
No. 103
Stand and face the light
No. 104
No. 105
Checkered trinity
No. 106
Rings of Saturn
No. 107
Poi love
No. 108
No. 109
Flow friends
No. 110
Raving willow
No. 111
Caught in stall
No. 112
No. 113
look at this guy....
No. 114
Bunny Partner Hooping
No. 115
Flow Neko
No. 116
Nunchuck Flow
No. 117
Pixel staff at sunset
No. 118
Concentrate C5 play staff
No. 119
Fairy in the white night
No. 120
From the depths
No. 121
Summer Circles
No. 122
Work It
No. 123
Pods and Flowers
No. 124
Wind up and Get Down
No. 125
Dunnet north west coast of Scotland  spin
No. 126
framed by poi
No. 127
No. 128
Soflow Saturdays
No. 129
No. 130
Fire in LED
No. 131
No. 132
LED Vortex

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