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The Magical Forest Ottaway Victoria

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Submitted on 2007-08-12 Views:9229
The Magical Forest Ottaway Victoria

No. 1
Night of the Burn, Burning Man, Nevada
No. 2
Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu
No. 3
Pyramid Poi, Egypt
No. 4
FirePoise with Hoop Lady, Belfast
No. 5
Poi in Paris, Eiffel Tower, France
No. 6
Lucky Star
No. 7
Sparkling Leibnitz Temple
No. 8
Great Wall Flags, China
No. 9
Carl | Olympic Stadium | Montreal | Canada
No. 10
Cozumel Island, México #1
No. 11
Cala Luna Beach, Sardinia
No. 12
Flags at Everest, Tibet
No. 13
Mt Everest, From Kalapatar, Nepal
No. 14
The Balconies, The Granpians Victoria
No. 15
Sparkly Perth
No. 16
Fijian kids loving poi
No. 17
Fans in Portland
No. 18
Koh Phangan,Thailand
No. 19
In the center of Prague, Czech Republic
No. 20
Perth, Australia, Cityscape fire tunnel
No. 21
Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan
No. 22
The Magical Forest Ottaway Victoria
No. 23
LazyAngel¬socks in Yangshuo
No. 24
Cozumel Island, México #2
No. 25
Tuareg learning to spin in the Sahara
No. 26
Carl | Belvedere Mont-Royal | Montreal | Canada
No. 27
Peace Memorial, Hiroshima, Japan
No. 28
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, USA
No. 29
LazyAngel¬Fire in Yangshuo
No. 30
LazyAngel¬Hyperloop cones on the Great Wall
No. 31
Fans with Hawthorne Bridge, Portland
No. 32
A-Dome, Hiroshima, Japan
No. 33
Lake Surprise Fairy Mt Eccles Victoria
No. 34
On Tower Bridge, London, flags.
No. 35
Chasing the Sun in the Animal Flower Cave, Barbados
No. 36
Mexican Caribe
No. 37
Sun & Salt in Uyuni-Bolivia
No. 38
Railay Beach, Krabi province, Thailand
No. 39
SmilingTime - Rathaus Hannover
No. 40
On top of the world, Tignes France
No. 41
Mt.Ngauruho (aka Mount Doom), New Zealand
No. 42
Leaning Tower of Pisa
No. 43
South Perth Foreshore
No. 44
Antti | Art of posing | Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, China
No. 45
Carl | Biosphere | Montreal | Canada
No. 46
Universal Studios, Florida (The Globe = Poi Around the World, literally)
No. 47
Hard Rock Cafe
No. 48
Spinning at Avebury Circle
No. 49
The Downs at Night, Bristol, UK
No. 50
Seattle WA USA, At Sunset By Ferry
No. 51
bamboo staff in the dominican republic
No. 52
No. 53
Egypt Sunset
No. 54
stone maze in inverness
No. 55
Anam Cara in inverness

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