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The Sirens of the group, Ka Kanekane, are at war.... well, maybe not war.... are having a tiff with the sea god, Tangoroa.
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As picked by HoP
1. Stribe Tribe Circus entered by zuz
2. Fire Heart entered by CarolineB
3. Z Crew entered by napkingirl7

No. 1
Love duo on 🔥
No. 2
In flames
No. 3
No. 4
Lucifers Worshipers
No. 5
Circle of friends
No. 6
Neptunes spirit
No. 7
Phlox KS
No. 8
No. 9
Entering the Portal
No. 10
Lamia under the Moon
No. 11
Dragon Girls
No. 12
Let the puppets dance!
No. 13
The Flames of Passion
No. 14
Foyk Fire and Light Art
No. 15
Lucids Multi Hoop Magic
No. 16
Perfect orbital
No. 17
The Burning Belles
No. 18
Poi-veil Japan
No. 19
La Flamo
No. 20
No. 21
Z Crew
No. 22
Flameous on CircusTree
No. 23
Fire and sparkle
No. 24
Kabile Perform Art
No. 25
Fire Heart
No. 26
Fire Shadow
No. 27
Psycho Circus
No. 28
rings of fire
No. 29
We dont do that kind of stuff
No. 30
Shiva & Shakti
No. 31
No. 32
No. 33
Alchemy by Starlight
No. 34
No. 35
Andie Pi VS the Avatar
No. 36
Glow Party
No. 37
Zev and Floki of Solar Rain
No. 38
Street Performance
No. 39
Stribe Tribe Circus
No. 40
spicy lav girls
No. 41
Double Dragon
No. 42
Sacred Circle of Flames
No. 43
Tribe of Cirquedelic
No. 44
Fire and dance for thousands
No. 45
cold fire

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