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Hawaii Acro Fire :: Buzzsaw Backbird

After years of practice, friendship and trust, the Firefox buzzsaw, when thrown backwards and balanced in a graceful backbird, inches away from both our faces, puts awe on those of the audience and huge smiles on ours. Because once again we killed it! *Taken at Kalaleas BPM fest performance in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!
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Hawaii Acro Fire :: Buzzsaw Backbird

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1. Fly entered by Jonathan Jonas Gutierrez Rodriguez
2. Flame of Love entered by Dominika Zenníková
3. Jack & Jeri wedding photo entered by kalvan

No. 1
Partner Play in the Park!
No. 2
look no hands
No. 3
Hawaii Acro Fire :: Buzzsaw Backbird
No. 4
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Acro Dragon
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Circusy Front-Side Plank
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Winter Bliss
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cosmic karma arco jump
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Buzzsaw Balance of the Elements
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EL FUEGO DE LA VIDA performance : Elastic Heart
No. 11
No. 12
No. 13
Flame of Love
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Hoopy Handstand
No. 15
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Inverted fire is always better
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Steampunk Hoop & Staff Duet
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Sai my name Sai my name.
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Bound H2H
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Jack & Jeri wedding photo
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Stilt Fire Poi
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Fondue Pi
No. 23
zen flow
No. 24
Fire Throne
No. 25
Fire acro duet in Breck

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