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A warming touch

Needed something to go with the passion of the fire within me soul, an the awesomeness of fire poi .
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A warming touch

As picked by HoP
1. The Fire Eater entered by star_red
2. forever grateful for my flow entered by snowbunni
3. gypsy hoopgirl entered by MissB

No. 1
gir poi
No. 2
Cloud City Circus
No. 3
Blooming Hooper
No. 4
Sunset Flow!!!!
No. 5
Painted lady
No. 6
Patrick star
No. 7
No. 8
Kinetic Fire
No. 9
Flow circle
No. 10
The Fire Eater
No. 11
fire in the belly
No. 12
Fire Faery
No. 13
Juste Debout
No. 14
Grateful Flow
No. 15
No. 16
Heart of Dance
No. 17
Zombie Pin Up hooper
No. 18
Aerial pixie
No. 19
The Fire Around Me Creates the Fire Within Me
No. 20
Circus waterfall sleeve
No. 21
No. 22
forever grateful for my flow
No. 23
Hooper Girl
No. 24
gypsy hoopgirl
No. 25
Fire lover
No. 26
Fire Woman
No. 27
Ladder Notation.
No. 28
Lifestyle :
No. 29
Guan Yin fire goddess
No. 30
A warming touch
No. 31
Dedication and Appreciation.
No. 32
Eye Of protection
No. 33
stick people
No. 34
Hooper Tattoo
No. 35
Freedom & Fire
No. 36
Fire roots
No. 37
magic hoop
No. 38
leap of faith
No. 39
Eclipse Staff Tribal
No. 40
No. 41
Fire Goddess

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