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Ring of Fire

We made this ring of fire and I wanted my boyfriend Josh to get a picture of me posing in it with my fans. He took the picture, and I thought he was done. I started just doing some tricks and he got a second picture, this one, of me in the zone. Even cooler, a couple people pointed out that it looks like a heart is radiating from my stomach.
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Ring of Fire

As picked by HoP
1. Happy Poi Performance entered by Fee The Faerie
2. Dragon Sword entered by sandymarabahaya
3. Dressed up in Flames entered by Leyla Miriam

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Dani Divine at Bloodstock Festival
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In The Streets
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Circus House photo shoot
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A Boys Dream
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James River Flow
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School skippin
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J Flows at Sunset
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Zombie Bazaar Fuego
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That First Rush
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Fire Whips
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Wandering Blind
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Ring of Fire
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Ring of Fire
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Rainbow Slinky!
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Firey Clown/Mime
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Fiery Smile
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Depths of love
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Fire buddies
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Phoenix Rising
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Here comes the Plume!!
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Fire Scimitar ahhhwhooo!
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Stay out of my planes bro
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Fire Horror
No. 27
Night Light
No. 28
Happy Poi Performance
No. 29
Red October
No. 30
Festival Fans
No. 31
Dragon Sword
No. 32
little dragon
No. 33
No. 34
make it rain
No. 35
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Town Square
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Photon Love <3
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fire bender
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fire nation
No. 40
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Eternally Entranced
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A Poi-fect Wedding
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Balance & Light
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whoop whoop
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flowers n flow toys
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Light stick poi
No. 47
No. 48
fire Vs water
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Park Jam
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Orbital of colors
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Fire Dragon
No. 52
Quad Iso Fire Hoops
No. 53
fire silhouette
No. 54
forever fire
No. 55
Playa Fans
No. 56
Fire Halo
No. 57
On the river
No. 58
pew pew fireballs!
No. 59
Cracking Fire
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Double Fire Hooping in the Dead of Winter
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Giraffe Attack!
No. 62
No. 63
Tropic Fire
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covered in flames
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Green anti-spin flow
No. 66
No. 67
radioactive fun
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Flying Monkey
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3 poi at home
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Night time rainbows!
No. 71
My juggling props smiling
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Fire Flow Wand
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Dancing in the rain
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Flower made of fire
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Le Sideshow Fantastique
No. 76
back to basics
No. 77
No. 78
Forbidden Flames
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Dancing in Fire
No. 80
Bright Lights and Dark Nights
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Two leaf clover.
No. 82
URBEX NIGHT, by Daniel Willinger Photographie
No. 83
Paint Party
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Mutual respect  !
No. 85
No. 86
No. 87
Colour in Motion
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Beach contact staff
No. 89
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Arena of flame
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Mahoroba - Triple mini hoops
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Dressed up in flames
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spinning: au naturel
No. 94
No. 95
Pod Poi
No. 96
No. 97
fire hoop love
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Spinning in the New Year
No. 99
Stalling with the Sunset.
No. 100
athens greece
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Flame projector
No. 102
Fire jump rope
No. 103
desert fire
No. 104
my hypperloops
No. 105
Beach Speed Spinning
No. 106
hot headed
No. 107
Juggling torches
No. 108
Face of fire
No. 109
I ♡ Fire
No. 110
Austin Souidaray
No. 111
The best of both worlds

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