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Night Poi

Night poi in the city
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Submitted on 2014-11-22 Views:3576
Night Poi

As picked by HoP
1. Meditation entered by csongortorok
2. Face Orb entered by sandymarabahaya
3. Circuspunk Manipulator entered by dimitri fogola

No. 1
No. 2
Hell bent
No. 3
summer in greece
No. 4
Daniele Testa Yantra
No. 5
friends and fire
No. 6
Dragon Fire Poi
No. 7
pregnant poi
No. 8
No. 9
hybrids 3 petals
No. 10
4 petal ninja
No. 11
Gem Dee
No. 12
Fire Lotus
No. 13
Xs and Os
No. 14
Fire painting
No. 15
Triquetra Justice
No. 16
No. 17
No. 18
I love Podpoi.
No. 19
new fire whip performance 2014
No. 20
Ember Queen
No. 21
Electron Cloud
No. 22
Monkey Fist Fire Poi
No. 23
A Midwinter Nights Dream
No. 24
No. 25
burning sword
No. 26
@ Home with Poi
No. 27
Bamboo Flow
No. 28
Orbital flower :
No. 29
Butterfly effect
No. 30
Beautiful Madness
No. 31
Face Orb !
No. 32
No. 33
Love poi
No. 34
Fountain Fire
No. 35
Colors of the wind
No. 36
Rainbow tails in the woods with my cat =^-^=
No. 37
Poi Shiva
No. 38
fire pit
No. 39
No. 40
JonBrown fire poi
No. 41
hundreds of petals
No. 42
podpoi at the lake
No. 43
poi competition
No. 44
Crystal vortex
No. 45
Sacral Chakra
No. 46
No. 47
ninja poi v3
No. 48
So-Cal Sessions
No. 49
getting there!
No. 50
No. 51
Clash of the colour!
No. 52
lady in fire
No. 53
Love ya too!
No. 54
fire horizon
No. 55
Beautifly Twirling
No. 56
No. 57
No. 58
Lift Off
No. 59
Love my poi :
No. 60
Three Times The Fire
No. 61
Fire Hooper
No. 62
No. 63
Poi Portal
No. 64
3 Poi Play Day Play
No. 65
NOLA Fan Light
No. 66
lanterns in the night
No. 67
deep eye contact butterfly
No. 68
Outlaw Nights
No. 69
No. 70
Confest 2014
No. 71
Fire in the Mountains
No. 72
No. 73
Dual Fire Twirl
No. 74
Lovely LED Flowers
No. 75
Poi your pants off!
No. 76
hyperloop gag
No. 77
No. 78
Seeing Double
No. 79
spinnin in the burgh
No. 80
my big blue balls
No. 81
Strobe Frame
No. 82
circuspunk manipulator
No. 83
No. 84
Ring of Fire
No. 85
Basement Lights
No. 86
Groom Surprise Wedding Day Fire Dance
No. 87
Earth mode: ON!
No. 88
Resting Luminance
No. 89
No. 90
Browns Bay Juggling
No. 91
Pyro love
No. 92
pod Poi!
No. 93
Choreographed Fire Poi Routine
No. 94
Night Poi
No. 95
Poi on Ice
No. 96
poi life
No. 97
Cody chance at seven lions
No. 98
Splitting Consciousness
No. 99
flowers spin
No. 100
Vodka & Fire Always Mix Well
No. 101
Dancing Fire
No. 102
Dark Side Adventure
No. 103
No. 104
fire love
No. 105
rainbow corkscrew
No. 106
Solar flare
No. 107
Just Chillin...
No. 108
I believe in good things coming
No. 109
eat the moon
No. 110
Ninja Moon
No. 111
Fire in Cambodia

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