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afro sunset

The hula hoop is around my leg if you dont see it at first glance :-
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afro sunset

As picked by HoP
1. Magic! entered by Mala Ka
2. Secret Beach Sunrise entered by Brynne Panzera
3. Burning Sunrise entered by Alden Rodgers

No. 1
Daniele Testa Yantra
No. 2
No. 3
Love Flow
No. 4
Gods canvas - Poi on the river
No. 5
No. 6
Days end
No. 7
Foot hooping
No. 8
Feeling the flow
No. 9
Secret Beach Sunrise
No. 10
mile high nights
No. 11
Lake Tahoe Fire Fan Tribute
No. 12
Prairie Fire
No. 13
Sunset island at dusk
No. 14
Midnight Sun
No. 15
Sunrise on Vero Beach
No. 16
Love is a Fire
No. 17
Radiating Elements of Nature
No. 18
Sapphire Sky
No. 19
Steel wool
No. 20
River Island Spinning
No. 21
Earth, fire, water, wind
No. 22
afro sunset
No. 23
Embodying the Balance
No. 24
Winter sunset Weave
No. 25
Port Austin, MI Sunset Flow
No. 26
Byron bay poi sunset
No. 27
Hoop Sistas
No. 28
No. 29
Sunset flag poi
No. 30
Spread Your Wings
No. 31
When The LIght Go Out
No. 32
No. 33
Beach Burn
No. 34
Day is done
No. 35
Sun Sets, Flames Follow.
No. 36
Sunset 7/4/13
No. 37
Sunset Fairy Fest
No. 38
Super Duper Hyper Loop
No. 39
Late Sunset
No. 40
Reach for the sky!
No. 41
poi at sunset
No. 42
No. 43
Twilight Fire
No. 44
Two art forms collide
No. 45
Lake Michigan Adventures
No. 46
Burning Sunrise
No. 47
down at the beach
No. 48
For the sunset
No. 49
sunrise spin
No. 50
Sea on fire
No. 51
Scorpion sunset
No. 52
Partly Cloudy and Backlit
No. 53
goulash disco
No. 54
No. 55
Dave and His Flute
No. 56
Florida Sunset
No. 57
Flair sunset in Goa
No. 58
Sunset fire
No. 59
Gárdony sunset
No. 60
Maui Sunset
No. 61
Light messages from Lemuria
No. 62
Encompassing Serenity
No. 63
New Years Sunrise
No. 64
Sunrise and Clearwater
No. 65
Sunset stall.
No. 66
Island in the Sky
No. 67
sunset silhouette
No. 68
Newport Hooplah
No. 69
Desert Fire
No. 70
No. 71
we bend we do not break
No. 72
Smokey Starburst Sunset
No. 73
sauron blazing
No. 74
No. 75
Fire dart sunset
No. 76
Beach in fire
No. 77
behind the back toss to the sunrise in fl
No. 78
cara bear!
No. 79
Catching the Sun
No. 80
Sunset Sock Poi
No. 81
Poi on the Coast

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