Selfie in the hospital. uploaded by Masa Shigeoka


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Selfie in the hospital.

My arm is broken but my heart is not broken :p
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Selfie in the hospital.

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1. Feel like that entered by donjugan
2. Booyah!!! entered by sandymarabahaya
3. Diabolo Fire burn entered by Danni Mattin

No. 1
Dat Facee
No. 2
Fire blow over full moon
No. 3
High Balance
No. 4
Summer living
No. 5
opp in the air
No. 6
Nice Throw!
No. 7
Circus on the streets
No. 8
Fire flower
No. 9
5 Poi Juggling
No. 10
Sweet Spot
No. 11
LED tosses
No. 12
Can you kick it? YES I CAN!
No. 13
sunset toss
No. 14
Feel like that!!
No. 15
No. 16
No. 17
Poi sunset at byron bay  australia
No. 18
No. 19
Selfie in the hospital.
No. 20
Almost Caught The Moon
No. 21
The Allure
No. 22
Complete set in the air.
No. 23
Mount Evans hooplah
No. 24
No. 25
Take me home
No. 26
fire in my heart
No. 27
Staff Burnoff
No. 28
Diabolo Fire Burn
No. 29
florida morning sesh
No. 30
Tree Tosses
No. 31
Let it go!
No. 32
Flaming Flowers
No. 33
Celestial Stickery
No. 34
Juggling in Nature.
No. 35
Chest Roll
No. 36
Sun flower floating
No. 37
Toss up