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poi on the pole

at my local club and thought i would put two of my favorite hobbie in to one
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poi on the pole

Other prize winners as picked by HoP are:
1. Sunset Silhouette
2. Field of dreams
3. Flag Poi at Decatur Square
No. 1
Falling Up
No. 2
The Kiss
No. 3
Benjamin Phil. Hunk poi Dancer
No. 4
The Flow Is With Me
No. 5
In The Moment!
No. 6
Poi of Life
No. 7
Flag Poi at Decatur Square
No. 8
fun at hempfest 2013
No. 9
start em young
No. 10
Sunny Day Whitsunday Island
No. 11
beach poi
No. 12
No. 13
No. 14
poi on the pole
No. 15
Japan: Nagoya Castle
No. 16
Fun Orbitals
No. 17
Sunset Silhouette
No. 18
Throwing my poi in thailand
No. 19
Seattle Summer
No. 20
Bizarre Bazaar & Variety Show
No. 21
All Tied Up
No. 22
Fabric of Life
No. 23
No. 24
Voi Worship
No. 25
Rises in the east
No. 26
blue mountains of Bavaria
No. 27
No. 28
All smiles
No. 29
Almost on Fire
No. 30
Fairy Wings
No. 31
No. 32
Golden Flags
No. 33
Poi by the Lake
No. 34
Jailhouse Hand Wrap
No. 35
Poi among the flowers
No. 36
I <3 Poi
No. 37
colorful flag poi
No. 38
Joy of Rainbow Poi!
No. 39
Sock Poi in a fashion parade!!
No. 40
Moment of Bliss
No. 41
Street Walker
No. 42
Industrial Flags
No. 43
summer fun
No. 44
Poi Enjoy
No. 45
Field of dreams
No. 46
morph swing
No. 47
i love poi
No. 48
Silk Bubble
No. 49
Chilling in the Sun
No. 50
san angustias,  friday night!!
No. 51
Tulum Ruins
No. 52
pois in the sun!
No. 53
Fluffy Fun
No. 54
sunshine spinnin
No. 55
makin waves

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