Vicious Fire Vixen uploaded by Colleen_McCown

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Vicious Fire Vixen

Bar top fire gogo @ Lotus Soundbar Downtown Chinatown, Honolulu Latex Body Paint by Colin Andrew Wood Epic event photography by Photocyclone. Lots of love to Paul, Colin and Peter for helping me create and document epic living art!!
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Vicious Fire Vixen

Other prize winners as picked by HoP are:
1. Best Friends
2. Invasion
3. Lost MecanicalMum
No. 1
Vicious Fire Vixen
No. 2
Daemon Power!!!
No. 3
Unleash the Dragon
No. 4
Fabulous Warrior
No. 5
Under The MOoN
No. 6
Kalalea Fire
No. 7
Apache !
No. 8
Fire Hoop
No. 9
No. 10
Ring of Fire
No. 11
Parallel Flames
No. 12
Sad Splicer
No. 13
No. 14
Galactic Hooping
No. 15
No. 16
Hellraiser Pinhead
No. 17
orange mecanique
No. 18
No. 19
Best friends
No. 20
Vietnamese style
No. 21
Belly Dancer in a Cave
No. 22
Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancer
No. 23
Untitled 2
No. 24
Showgirl Spinning
No. 25
Vaudeville Lights
No. 26
juggle jester juggle
No. 27
No. 28
No. 29
Look Ma No Hands!!
No. 30
Peachy Keen Fire Poi
No. 31
dark circus
No. 32
No. 33
The Double-Dolls
No. 34
No. 35
Zombie Mailman
No. 36
Zombie Stalls
No. 37
fire and ice
No. 38
No. 39
Lara croft
No. 40
No. 41
jedi poi
No. 42
dance on water
No. 43
Checkered Lycra!
No. 44
No. 45
gypsy wings
No. 46
No. 47
Poison ivy
No. 48
Taste The Rainbow
No. 49
Fire and ice
No. 50
Sunset gypsy
No. 51
The Dark One
No. 52
Spiral Crown
No. 53
No. 54
No. 55
blazing inferno
No. 56
No. 57
Day of the Dead
No. 58
poi wedding spinning
No. 59
Day of the Dead
No. 60
Fire Nymph
No. 61
the spinning dead
No. 62
Talent Show de Los Muertos
No. 63
Fire freeze
No. 64
Cheshire Cat
No. 65
indian thrills
No. 66
Post-apocalyptic Flow Wand Act
No. 67
phantom of the RAVE
No. 68
gypsy flow
No. 69
Belly Dancer Butterfly Wings

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