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My road of Poi

This photo was taken of me on my attempts to manipulate the physical technical language of poi into our familiar language of letters. Poi for me as many has been a journey. Allowing the freedom to explore, challenge, play, and be in the NOW. The progress of this dance is one of growth like music you start with a single note and build upon that, enabling freedom of movement with a conscious dance. Thank you Home of Poi community for being apart of my dance. You have given me the precious gift of a key. An instrument valuable in too many ways to even tell. Im sending this photo with the intention of just sharing something with you that you have been apart of since the beginning! So much gratitude to Home of Poi family!!!! Warmly, Jennifer schwarzman
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My road of Poi

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1. Fiery Lasso
2. Can we spin yet?
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What is hotter then Hell?
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Fire Flower by Lindzee Poi
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fire it up
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wutchoo know about triquetras?
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The imortal
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Triple Wick TTN
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Lets get the party started ^^
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Whips, Chains and Fire... What else would one need?... Besides a Fire-Whip
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Kaïa Firefans
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huge fire fans
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final bmouth spin up
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Seducing the Flames
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Smoky the Spirit Bear
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Prayers to the Dragon Staff
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fiery glance
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The Sacred Geometry of My Soul
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Spicy Dip
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fire dragon
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Fire peace from France.
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Fire Skirt
No. 23
Brad Bishop
No. 24
Fire Photography
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Chasing the light
No. 26
WarrioR of FirE
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Círculos de fuego
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fired battle
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double throw
No. 30
No. 31
poi by the zaan
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Fuente de fuego
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The Lady and Her Dragon Staff
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Share the Fire
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Fire Tunnel!
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Vortex of fire
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Fire picture
No. 39
In the Face of Fire, I See No Fear
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FirE ZariskA SpiraL
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Reign/Rain of Fire
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purbeck poi
No. 43
No. 44
Dances with Snakes
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Crescent moon
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celtic knot
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Pendulum flower
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Heart of fire
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Fire Wings
No. 50
Sparkle Fire Dart x3
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Fanning the Flames
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Flaming Balls
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Ailes de feu
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fire snakes
No. 55
bellydance on fire
No. 56
Ooh...pretty spiral
No. 57
A Chill Orbital
No. 58
Fiery Lasso
No. 59
enter the nunchucks
No. 60
Wings on Fire
No. 61
Setting the night ablaze
No. 62
Sunsets and hoops
No. 63
embers circle
No. 64
Forest Flare
No. 65
face the fire
No. 66
Dancing with fire... Tango!
No. 67
french riviera
No. 68
Some Hot Color??
No. 69
Beach after sunset
No. 70
That´s just Fire !
No. 71
twin passages of time
No. 72
angel of fire
No. 73
Play With Hoop Fire
No. 74
Burning head
No. 75
flame chuks
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nice night of flow
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fire ninja
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The face through the fire
No. 79
Fire Contortion
No. 80
4 pedal flower
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flower of life
No. 82
No. 83
Rêverie dun feu
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shadow flames
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fire poi orb cage
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Flower 2
No. 87
flying flamez - fully element
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total immersion
No. 89
No. 90
No. 91
No. 92
Fire wings and reflection
No. 93
circling flowers
No. 94
Dancing with my lady
No. 95
No. 96
No. 97
Fire Fighter
No. 98
No. 99
Can we spin yet?
No. 100
The Desire For Fire
No. 101
Dark Cabaret
No. 102
No. 103
Consumed by fire.
No. 104
Riding that wave
No. 105
hearth nataraja
No. 106
Sacred Geometry
No. 107
Time Warp
No. 108
Free Flames
No. 109
Burning desire
No. 110
Wings of Fire!
No. 111
No. 112
Fiya flowa
No. 113
Fire,beach,summer :
No. 114
Framed in Flames
No. 115
Fire ball
No. 116
Connection of Elements
No. 117
Spiral with Lightening
No. 118
burned by geometry
No. 119
No. 120
Standing Inside the FIRE!
No. 121
Leave No Trace
No. 122
spark poi inferno
No. 123
Fire belt
No. 124
Werk It
No. 125
fire demon
No. 126
Ignis Anulum
No. 127
We dont need no water...
No. 128
M8iN in fire
No. 129
Fire Circle by milie
No. 130
fire bending
No. 131
No. 132
No. 133
No. 134
Remember that First Burn?
No. 135
No. 136
Demons are hot
No. 137
HaLloWeEn -Visual Echo Photography-
No. 138
No. 139
Hotter than fire
No. 140
Cage of Fire
No. 141
Angel Wings
No. 142
Roller-coaster of Flames
No. 143
Why so serious?!
No. 144
fire skull
No. 145
In my fire bubble
No. 146
Future Fire
No. 147
No. 148
Fire Fighter
No. 149
Cube spinning W/poi
No. 150
No. 151
Hot is hot
No. 152
Fire is the way
No. 153
Fire hoop
No. 154
Burning Heart
No. 155
Lust For Flames :
No. 156
Ring of Fire!
No. 157
sugar skull burn
No. 158
My First Burn - Nov 2013
No. 159
No. 160
No. 161
Sparky night
No. 162
fire fan, no hands, to mouth!!
No. 163
Tequesta Winter Solstice Celebration 08
No. 164
No. 165
No. 166
Double wheel
No. 167
Just Flowing
No. 168
Man Fans!
No. 169
Christy Fricks of Sulukule
No. 170
No. 171
magic fire bubble
No. 172
Aerial Flames
No. 173
Firey Ninja
No. 174
No. 175
Its raining Fire
No. 176
Yin Yang
No. 177
Dragons Breath
No. 178
4 Petal Flower
No. 179
Guy Fawkes
No. 180
Fire dance
No. 181
Spark of Life
No. 182
Nelson Light Festival
No. 183
water on fire
No. 184
fire ball
No. 185
belle isle
No. 186
Lay down
No. 187
No. 188
No. 189
No. 190
The Dragon
No. 191
Crazy hot fan dance!
No. 192
No. 193
Illusion of Shape
No. 194
third eye
No. 195
Rose of fire
No. 196
Fiery Wings
No. 197
No. 198
Fire Fall
No. 199
No. 200
Like a Superstar
No. 201
Dancing with a Fire Fairy
No. 202
Bolass au Portugal
No. 203
Gypsey Fire
No. 204
live for the moments that make life amazing
No. 205
All Wrapped Up
No. 206
Rising from the flames
No. 207
hoop life<3
No. 208
Tic Tac Toe
No. 209
Sparkling Waterfall
No. 210
Darwin Dusk
No. 211
Fire Foot hooping
No. 212
Markuz Sparky Boom Man!
No. 213
Fire, my body
No. 214
How to stay warm
No. 215
Back spin Flame balls :D
No. 216
No. 217
Ring of Fire
No. 218
No. 219
No. 220
Bolas in Fire
No. 221
happy hooping
No. 222
No. 223
Eye on You
No. 224
No. 225
A big pile of four very talented fireboys..
No. 226
Twilight spin!
No. 227
For the love of flow
No. 228
Deep Playa Nights
No. 229
Anchored in Love
No. 230
Fire pixie
No. 231
On faya
No. 232
fire, walk with me.
No. 233
No. 234
Getting hot in here
No. 235
first fire spin
No. 236
Fire Ball
No. 237
Circles, dude, circles.
No. 238
No. 239
Shes hot !
No. 240
Burn in the snow
No. 241
Without hands !
No. 242
Lost in fire
No. 243
backyard spinning
No. 244
Acrylic halo
No. 245
Heated Calm 2
No. 246
double the fun
No. 247
No. 248
No. 249
4beat Thread-the-Needle
No. 250
burn off
No. 251
Zoolians dragon
No. 252
Future Fire
No. 253
Some lights in the dark
No. 254
fire dragons forge
No. 255
Fire fan magic
No. 256
Fire Aura
No. 257
A serpent from the gate of fire
No. 258
No. 259
AParty at Red Lion Pub Winter Park FL
No. 260
Girls on fire
No. 261
Aspiring Fire Nymph
No. 262
Jack & Meg
No. 263
Snakes on Hippie Hill
No. 264
Eye of Horus
No. 265
Fire Aura
No. 266
No. 267
No. 268
Ring of fire
No. 269
Great Balls of Fire
No. 270
Cello Burn
No. 271
Full Moon Fire Nunchaku
No. 272
Oly boat
No. 273
Fire in the hills
No. 274
Gyllingvase Beach
No. 275
No. 276
Fire and Light
No. 277
Fire Hoop with Wings
No. 278
No. 279
alley play
No. 280
hearts a fire
No. 281
plan control
No. 282
XO Kisses n Hugs
No. 283
fire eyes
No. 284
No. 285
My road of Poi
No. 286
Making a spectical of myself
No. 287
No. 288
Propane dance floor
No. 289
Sacred spiral fire therapy
No. 290
Fire Skull
No. 291
No. 292
No. 293
first time :D
No. 294
No. 295
No. 296
sacred flame
No. 297
No. 298
Taste the flames
No. 299
El Zorro de Fuego
No. 300
Doubles Love
No. 301
Fire whip
No. 302
Do da Twist!
No. 303
Rope dart scythe
No. 304
No. 305
Bring it Mr. Potter
No. 306
Smile :
No. 307
Fire whip
No. 308
fan tech

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