Broken Sunrise LED @ Graffiti Warehouse uploaded by Melissa Fraker Shaker


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Broken Sunrise LED @ Graffiti Warehouse

I have a lot... of Incredible Hoop Shots, but if I can only enter one photo I guess it would be this one with my old Sunrise LED Hula Hoop. You cant even tell in the shot that my hoop is broken and is being held together with duck tape. That hula hoop isnt even a circle any more, its a D. This picture was taken a few moments before it completely broke and fell a part. I also loved how people were kind enough to give me enough space on the dance floor at Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore, MD. I hoop you like this photo. ;-
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Broken Sunrise LED @ Graffiti Warehouse

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2. Electric through the Forest
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Rage Roll
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Me Myself n My Hoop!
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Electric through the forest
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LEspion aux pattes de VelHoooops !!!!!
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Hoop Love
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Circle of life
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glitter sea
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Inside the magic hoop
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Fire Magick
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On top of the world
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Double Trouble
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Deep Yellowstone Bliss
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A Little Elbow Work, A Lot Of Love.
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Live Art
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Sunny hooping
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Zoe Love
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Pretty Lights and Starry Nights
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Bow and arrow
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One legged cosmic hooping!
No. 27
No. 28
Ivy Princess
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Kitty monster
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Che of Hip The Hoopla - Broncos hooping with mini twins!
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Sparkling Rainbows
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ground to sky
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Hoop Dreams
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hooping and smile
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my one love
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Burning hoop
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Girl on Fire
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Fire Goddess Jessie
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Beach Hooping
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HoOp MaDnEss!
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Flash Fire
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cyber hooping
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summertime flow
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Two Mini Love
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Electric Mini Hoopery
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oNibi meDitatioN
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Hooping at Sunrise
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Ian Hula Barbie
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belle isle fire
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Minis by the pool
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2 LED Spiral
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Night Lights
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Vortex attack
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Hot stuff
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Lean Back
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Men can multitask!!
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Sunset Groovin
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lake ouachita tribal reTREATS
No. 65
No. 66
Two is Better than One
No. 67
one leg hooping
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Washed Up
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Girl on Fire
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Spiral Out
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Ashley Hoops
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Bliss in Silhouette
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Pretty Lights.
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I got the whole world in my hoop!
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Fire curtain
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Mindful Movement Showcase
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Bradenton Hoop c:
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Fire Love
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Fire isolation hoop
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Spiralling through the Rainbow
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Red rock canyon
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In the Flow
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Dances with Elephants
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Moonlight power
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Multi tasking
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Sunset Hooping
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Daniela Hoop
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tunel de luz
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Hoop pose
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Grim HoopSUPr
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Urban Fire Tornado
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Sunset Silhouette
No. 95
No. 96
No. 97
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Hoop Troupe Flower of Life
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behold my power
No. 100
Fire Hooping at the Quarry
No. 101
No. 102
Broken Sunrise LED @ Graffiti Warehouse
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hoop love
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Get up to get down!
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LED hoop head stand
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Fire Hoop
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Shadow hoop
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Bella Terra
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Love Inversion
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the elbow attack
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Euphoric Fever
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No. 118
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Magical Forest
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Hoops I did it again
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Fusion Hooper
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Hula Helmet
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MandyJean A.K.A Hoopster
No. 125
Tangled Up in Blue
No. 126
Hooper Giggle Beams
No. 127
No. 128
capture the sun
No. 129
No. 130
Roustabout Hoop Fusion Choreography
No. 131
No. 132
night lights
No. 133
Fire Hoop
No. 134
No. 135
Colorful Summer Nights
No. 136
Led Hoop
No. 137
gypsy vortex
No. 138
No. 139
Fire Ninja !
No. 140
No. 141
Moon Love
No. 142
3-beat Weave
No. 143
Future Hoop Love
No. 144
my self made led hoop
No. 145
Photo entry for hoop contest!
No. 146
Mini hooping
No. 147

No. 148
Lake Hooping :
No. 149
Blending colors for the blind
No. 150
No. 151
Entering a Vortex
No. 152
Foot in Hoop
No. 153
A face in the fire
No. 154
No. 155
asbury park drum circle hooping
No. 156
Pin Up Hoop
No. 157
Love and Light
No. 158
No. 159
Respect of Flame
No. 160
Sunrise Hooping
No. 161
Hoop Monster!!
No. 162
No. 163
Hula Hoop Silhouette
No. 164
No. 165
Hoopy Halloween
No. 166
No. 167
Sugar Loaf Hooping