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Final results

Poi towers :

Me spinning poi in an unusual locationMitchs shoulders
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Submitted on 2013-06-30 Views:4553
Poi towers :

Other prize winners as picked by HoP are:
1. Fire blow
2. We may be princesses
3. Fire dreamland
No. 1
Benjamin Tinao, Manila Obar Philippines
No. 2
Spinning Poi at the Taj Mahal
No. 3
Justin Guevarra, Caloocan Philippines
No. 4
poi flying
No. 5
Fire dreamland
No. 6
Pixie-poi dancing
No. 7
Mountain Top
No. 8
Fire blow
No. 9
Poi in the deep canyon
No. 10
Rapid fire rain on the bridge :
No. 11
Castle burn at SPIELPAUSE
No. 12
Fueling My Ship.
No. 13
Princess Mescaline.
No. 14
Fire Moon and Ocean
No. 15
Graffiti face Amsterdam
No. 16
Civic Space Park Splash Pad
No. 17
Spinning at the doors of hell
No. 18
Harlequin at Downhill Demesne
No. 19
Sparkle poi Sthlm
No. 20
The Snow Queen
No. 21
foreshore fire
No. 22
Secret Forrest
No. 23
We may be princesses, but we fight our own dragons
No. 24
Poi towers :
No. 25
Fire Magic in Hawaii
No. 26
No. 27
Detroit Hooping
No. 28
Somewhere over the rainbow
No. 29
Spinning by Smelters
No. 30
Poi in MORDOR!
No. 31
Over the world
No. 32
Keep Portland Weird
No. 33
Poi Circle
No. 34
No. 35
Fire under the sun at the port
No. 36
Hoop LOVE in the Mountains!!!
No. 37
stairs of justice
No. 38
Flagplaying in Petra, Jordania
No. 39
Catacombs steel wool
No. 40
Snow Poi
No. 41
Hoopin RVA
No. 42
Bellydancing in Beniras!
No. 43
art gallery swing
No. 44
Sailing away
No. 45
Christchurch in ruins New Zealand
No. 46
No. 47
Pier one
No. 48
Flag dance on a tall ship
No. 49
stillness and mouvement
No. 50
A Tanoura dance

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